• Angular Invoicing

    Angular Invoicing is basically a simple Web page modeled to look like an invoice.Users can simply move their mouse over the field they want to edit and customize their invoice's content as they see fit.When all the invoice editing has been done, a "P

  • Creditcard.js 0.10.9

    Creditcard.js was built to reduce the amount of errors and bad user input with classic credit card and payment forms.Instead of dumping form fields one after the other, Creditcard.js creates a container that mimics the size and look of a real life cr

  • Skeuocard 1.0.3

    Skeuocard looks and behaves like a real credit card.It lets users type in their credit card details and automatically modifies field placement and graphics transforming the default card display into a realistic representation of their own credit card

  • Creditly.js 0.1

    Creditly.js can validate the card owner's name, the card's security code, it's expiration month/year and the credit card number itself.For the credit card number, a special mechanism is included for detecting even the credit card's vendor and printin

  • $media 2.1.2

    $media (or sets up a JS-based API for accessing, manipulating and playing HTML 5 media files.Examples and usage instructions are included with the download package. Here are some key features of "$media":· Loop playback· Autop

  • Jquery Box Lid 0.1.0

    jQuery Box Lid can be really useful in adding special content to an already crowded page by hiding it in one of the website's sides sections.It can also be used as a navigation menu for mobile devices, since it does not take too much space anyway.A d

  • Mooshop 1.0

    mooShopcan be used to create product catalogs with shopping cart widgets attached to them.It can add products to a locally stored cart and automatically update the total price based on the cart's content.The product list can be stored in a remote JSO

  • Jquery Payment 1.0.1

    jQuery Payment can be used in live scenarios for powering online forms that check the proper formatting of credit card numbers.Besides this, the credit card numbers themselves are validated against the Stripe API, an online service for handling onlin

  • Storax

    Storax provides for a quick way of putting product catalogs together with the help of well-structured JSON files and lots of AJAX.Storax can list products, show a description, an image and various links (buy link, documentation,etc.).A demo is includ

  • Jquery Fresh Shopping Cart

    jQuery Fresh Shopping Cartautomatically computes cart total based on product prices and units.The widget is very easy to configure and is recommended for sites with small product catalogs.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:

  • Timejump

    TimeJump allows users to access a certain point in the timeline of a audio or video file rendered via HTML 5.This allows site owners to link to specific points in a multimedia file and avoid loading the entire file, saving them important bandwidth sp

  • Sweet 2.0.2

    Sweet works just like any other static HTML compiler, but in Node.js.It takes text stored in content files, reads a template and merges both together into a nicely designed static HTML page.It's like a software build tool, only for websites. Here are

  • Textareacounter 1.0

    textareaCounter allows developers to impose word limits to textarea fields.The plugin works by adding a small counter underneath the textarea, where it shows the number of free words until the textarea limit is reached.A demo counter is included with

  • Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman can be used to create shopping carts integrated with HTML5's localStorage feature.It can add products to a locally stored cart and automatically update the total price based on the cart's content.A simple demo is included with the downlo

  • Moostripe 0.3

    Stripe is a payments service for Web-based transactions.mooStripe will allow developers to integrate Stripe-based payments on a Web page.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· MooTool

  • Drag.move.collide 0.4

    Works by detecting if elements are touching or overlapping with other elements while dragging.If those states are detected, special actions are taken to signal that action.Perfect for when developing online games or UIs. Requirements:· JavaScrip

  • Jquery Credit Card Validator

    The plugin can detect a credit card type and if the number length and Luhn checksum are valid for the detected type of card.When they all match, the plugin visually signifies the detected card type and that the number is correct. Here are some key fe

  • Accessible Tabs Widget

    Comes with useful features like autoplay, hashtag support and many more.Inside the panels, any HTML content goes.Various demos are included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery JavaScript Libra

  • Jquery Rollover v0.9.3

    Perfect for creating hover effects, menus, or animated preview panels.A demo is included with the download file. To work, first fix the jQuery library loading path. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery JavaScript Library

  • .toggletype 1.0

    Can be used to transform a input field into any other input field type (text, password, checkbox, file, hidden, image, reset, submit, radio, etc.).2 demos are included with the download package to showcase the plugin's capabilities. Requirements:

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