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  • Uncss 0.8.1

    UnCSS will parse a CSS file or a collection of CSS files against a Web page.It will then detect which CSS rules are actively used to style the aforementioned page and remove unused rules from the stylesheet.The cleansing operation can be performed on

  • Asimov.js 0.17.6

    When finished, asimov.js will be a complete JavaScript development framework, perfect for quickly prototyping and then launching applications into production.asimov.js will provide basic build tools and a native Web server which developers will use i

  • Gremlins.js 0.1.0

    gremlins.js is an advanced monkey (fuzz) testing framework for both the browser and Node.js, allowing developers to gather quick feedback on their app by releasing a number of bots that randomly use the application.He can then log in their actions an

  • Codeblock.js

    Codeblock.js is a basic coding demo (playground, sandbox) system that can be used to execute dynamic code on demand.The developer can load preset code with the page and allow the user to execute it, or he can let the user add his own and execute that

  • Jiko 0.9.1

    Jiko works with both client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments, providing a powerful template system modeled after Jinja and Mako. Just like the aforementioned tools it does not try to reinvent the wheel, using as much native Java

  • Mapit v0.2.0

    MapIt is a simple wrapper for the Google Maps API.It allows programmers to easily embed Google Maps on a site without having to create their map on the Google Maps website, get the embed code and then paste it in their site.With MapIt, developers can

  • Baseline.js 0.1

    If using one of the good JavaScript frameworks that are around today, some of this functions could be available to you as base functionality.Unfortunately not all projects are that big or complicated to require a JavaScript framework to run on.For th

  • L20n 1.0.0 RC

    L20n uses totally new and unique concepts for managing content translations.Instead of using the classic, stiff, and totally inappropriate method of using placeholder tags and placeholder text that gets replaced based on the developer/user's desired

  • Swiftclick 1.1.2

    By default, when you tap/touch a controller on a mobile touchscreen, the action is delayed by 300 milliseconds. This is to ensure the user's gesture is a tap and not a drag.But for elements you know aren't capable of being dragged (swiped), this dela

  • Octocard 1.2.0

    Almost all developers these days use GitHub to edit, save, and host their code online.This is why something like Octocard is so needed. This little script will help developers easily and quickly showcase their recent activity by providing a way to pu

  • Chained 0.7.0

    Created as a proof-of-concept, the Chained library allows developers to put complex JS structures together, chaining one or more operations to the output of another JavaScript function.This allows developers to write complex code without putting toge

  • Favicon Generator

    Because of the various devices used today to access the Internet, the market has become incredibly fragmented.When developers create a product, they have to get ready to write some serious amount of code in the application's header nowadays.There are

  • Jquery.vibrate.js 1.1.1

    jquery.vibrate.js adds special functions which can be used to control the vibration of a device.The plugin can be used to make a capable device vibrate once, or using pause intervals it can make it vibrate using a pattern.This vibration action can be

  • Dribbbox

    Dribbbox was developed to help high-end graphic artists, designers, UI experts, illustrators, or any other kind of creative showcases his work, if hosted on Dribbble.The entire system is incredibly easy to setup and requires no server-side programmin

  • Aprilapril.js

    As the name clearly states, the AprilApril.js library is ideal for playing a prank on your site visitors on April Fool's Day.The effects of the library can be triggered automatically by the developer at page load, or they can be tied in to page contr

  • Shifter v0.4.2

    Created to replace the YUI Build Tool, Shifter is a powerful build and scaffolding toolkit developed on top of Gears.js. Shifter works just like the aforementioned tools, building HTML, JS and CSS projects found inside a designated folder.It works by

  • Gear.js 0.8.18

    Gear.js is a tool developers will need when working on complex projects with hundreds of files and folders.This tool will help them automate a series of operations like testing, checking syntax, concatenating, and minifying files. All these with the

  • Dug.js 1.0.1

    Since most public or private Web APIs provide query results in JSONP, a library like Dug.js can easily be used to parse and retrieve their content.Dug.js provides a simpler interface for allowing developers to query various API endpoints, and then ou

  • Metalsmith 0.6.0

    While most static site compilers work on top of a core that includes all basic functionality, Metalsmith is different.It has a much much smaller core, and all the functionality is added via plugins.So if you want to have a breadcrumb navigation syste

  • Jquery Fingers

    By default, JavaScript includes a pretty basic set of tools for working with click and mouse events in its very own core.Unfortunately the same thing is not implemented for touch gestures, mainly because they were not mainstream technology back in th

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