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  • Mongodb Node.js Driver 1.3.23 / 1.4.0-RC4

    The MongoDB database is a document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high intensive load environments.The MongoDB Node.JS Driver enables developers to write apps that connect, store and retrieve information from a MongoDB database.This is a MongoD

  • Tez 0.2.0

    tez helps developers keep an eye on their databases' size.It works in real-time, making it ideal for fast changing database tables, where an influx of immediate data might signal an attack or other situations that need the developer's attention. Requ

  • Redis-node 0.4.0

    In simpler terms, redis-node allows Node.js apps to save and retrieve data from a Redis database.redis-node is basically a data inter-change layer, where Node.js syntax and operations are translated to SQL commands and vice versa. Here are some key f

  • Mongous 0.2.4

    MongoDB is a document-oriented database management system. A driver is a client library that provides an API for connecting to MongoDB servers, performing queries and updates on those servers, and performing administrative tasks like creating indexes

  • Cubrid Web Manager

    CUBRID is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for Web data storage, implemented in the C programming language. CUBRID Web Manager allows database administrators to control the content and settings of a remote or local CUBRID database

  • Ejdb 1.1.13-2

    EJDB was modeled after MongoDB and uses a key-value pair system (NoSQL) to store data in static JSON files.This means, as with any NoSQL-like database that it's fast, but can't work with too complicated data structures. Here are some key features of

  • Souch (node.js) 0.0.5

    Souch allows developers to send, retrieve and save data from a Node.js application or website inside an Apache CouchDB database.Souch is a simple wrapper that abstracts CouchDB commands to JavaScript.This means developers can write normal S code that

  • Camintejs 0.0.3

    CaminteJS is a common interface for interacting with various data storage systems from within Node.js applications.It provides ways of sending and retrieving data from one of the supported databases using minimum SQL syntax and as much JavaScript cod

  • Html5 Storage 1.0.0

    Html5 Storage uses HTML 5 localStorage to store various details on the client's side, instead of the classic method of using cookies.It relies on browsers to support localStorage, but in cases the visitor uses  an older browser version, a fallba

  • Nanodb

    HTML 5 localStorage allows easy storage of data on the user's side while navigating the Internet.NanoDB is a JavaScript library that removes all the problems developers deal with when using localStorage across a series of browsers.It smooths out diff

  • Node-couchdb-api 1.2.2

    Modeled around CouchDB's HTTP API, the node-couchdb-api module allows Node.js systems to communicate with CouchDB databases with ease.The node-couchdb-api module is only an API wrapper for communications purposes, not a fully blown ORM. Here are some

  • Arangodb Client 0.6.2

    ArangoDB client allows developers to interact with the ArangoDB REST API from JavaSscript-based websites or applications.The client works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments the same.The package is basically an ODM

  • Jquery Storage 0.0.3

    jQuery Storage (also known as jQuery Localstorage) allows developers to save and retrieve data to/from localStorage.The plugin is basically a simple wrapper around one of HTML5's best features.A demo is included with the download package. Requirement

  • Mongo Edit 0.5.7

    'Mongo Edit' uses a Web-based interface for allowing webmasters to edit the content of a MongoDB document.It also allows them to either create or delete documents and MongoDB data collections as well.The entire system is not a fully blown user i

  • Cradle 0.6.4

    CouchDB is a document-oriented database developed at the Apache Software Foundation, written in Erlang.Some of the features that distinguish Cradle from the plethora of similar CouchDB Node.js clients is its ability to work in asynchronous mode, alon

  • Node.js Couchdb Module 1.0.6

    CouchDB is a document-oriented database developed at the Apache Software Foudantion, written in Erlang.This module allows Node.js applications to store and retrieve information stored in Apache CouchDB databases. Here are some key features of "Node.j

  • Thin-orm 0.1.4

    thin-orm is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) inspired by the MongoDB API.It allows Node.js applications to communicate with SQL-based database systems and ensure data can be saved and retrieved to/from the database via Node.js calls.thin-orm support

  • Levelup 0.8.0

    LevelDB is a key value store NoSQL database system used and open-sourced by Google dev team.LevelUP allows programmers to use LevelDB asa storage environment for Node.js apps and websites.Documentation is provided inside the file. Requireme

  • Node-mariasql 0.1.18

    MariaDB is a community developed branch of Oracle's MySQL database. It is developed by MySQL's original creator and mirrors official MySQL releases. This Node.js port utilizes non-blocking functions, available by default in MariaDB.Lots of MariaDB me

  • Sql Parser 0.4.0

    Besides the parsing part, the library comes with a lexer as well.All parsed content is saved to JISON strings. Requirements:· Node.js Limitations:· Supports only the SELECT operation for now.

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