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  • Nodize Cms 0.0.5

    The CMS works like most other content management scripts, providing a visual interface for adding, editing and deleting content when needed.Nodize CMS was inspired by Ionize CMS, a similar CMS for PHP coded on top of CodeIgniter. Here are some key fe

  • Apostrophe (node.js) 2

    Continuing the success of their Apostrophe CMS (the PHP version), P'unk Avenue ported the entire system to work on top of a Node.js and MongoDB infrastructure and released it as the 2.x branch.The CMS works practically in the same way as the original

  • Calipso 0.3.17

    Calipso was developed to use modules for adding new features and functionality. For the backend and data storage, Calipso uses MongoDB. Here are some key features of "Calipso":· Integrated scheduler and feeds module in core, allowing you to pull

  • Hotaru Cms 1.4.2 / 1.5.0 Beta

    It is an open source, PHP CMS engine for building custom websites using a very wide plugin system. The most common use for Hotaru is social bookmarking.Hotaru CMS includes an extensible Admin CP, a powerful plugin system and a unique override feature

  • Jquery Content Scroller

    It successfully converts a set of divs into a scrolling content slider and automatically generates pagination links. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.2.6 or higher

  • Firerift 1.1.1

    It is a very loose framework with very little template restrictions. Here are some key features of "Firerift":General Features:· Template Independent· JSON and Titan at the Core· Photo & Video Galleries· Built in API with Titan

  • Accordion Content Script 1.5.1

    Accordion Content script allows you to group contents together and reveal them on demand when the user clicks on their associated headers. Specify whether only one content within the group should be open at any given time, style the headers depending

  • Fade In Content Viewer

    This script turns ordinary HTML content wrapped around DIV tags into a series of interactive contents, with one faded into view on demand! You can use it to spotlight new or important contents on your site. And since each content is simply normal HTM

  • Visual Js Cms

    This is a small javascript cms which allows the user to actually draw their way through the design process. It's not intented for advanced webpage generation.

  • Ajax Book Reader

    The AJAX Book Reader is a complete AJAX client-server application that may be used with a Web browser to display a sequence of text files one page at a time. The display style is completely controlled by a configuration file. The first application of

  • Flying Message Script Ii

    This script allows you to embed any external HTML document onto the page and fly it across the screen. Since the content to animate is a separate document, the job of updating and modifying it becomes a breeze. You can use this script to display site

  • Drop-in Content Box

    This script ensures that particular content on your page gets the attention it deserves, by dropping it into view. It displays any content from text and images, to rich HTML.

  • Drop Down/ Overlapping Content

    This script lets you display content in tight areas on your page, by displaying the content on top of any link used to activate it. The content floats above and overlaps anything beneath it. Think of it as adding another dimension to your webpage to

  • Random Content Order Script

    This script allows you to randomize the display order of arbitrary content on your page. As a result, the order in which the participating contents is displayed on the page changes randomly each time the page loads.This script is useful when you wish

  • Sequential Content Revealer

    Displaying content in non linear ways is the domain of DHTML. With this script, you can initially hide any number of content and reveal them one at a time in sequence, like in a presentation. It is suitable for showing off important points, a se

  • Switch Content Script Ii

    Switch Content Script II is a flexible script that adds contact/expand functionality to arbitrary block content on a page using a simple "icon" to toggle its state. It lets the viewer choose which content on the page to contract, to remove unnecessar

  • Content Tabs Script

    You could use this script to divide long content on your page into "virtual" sections, with each section viewable by clicking on a corresponding tab. It's a great way to display your content in an interactive, less overwhelming way to your visitors.

  • News Ticker Javascript

    This Javascript lets you run a "news ticker" on your home page. The beauty of this script is its small size. Within the script, you maintain links to the 5 most-recently updated pages on your site. This script then displays each news item in turn in

  • Show/hide Content

    This is a simple script for questions and answers. You can click on the questions, and the answer will drop down right below it.

  • Marquee/news Scroller

    This script displays a marquee at the bottom of the page. It supports unlimited number of news messages. When one message is gone, a new one will appear. The content of the marquee is pure HTML. It makes it easy to configure and friendly to

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