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  • Whispernote 1.2.0

    Project similar to EveryPass, WhisperNote works practically the same way.It's a self-contained application for easily sending sensitive messages between one or more persons, working from/via one single HTML file.WhisperNote allows users to enter thei

  • Intercom.js 0.1.4

    Intercom.js allows developers to setup pages that broadcast various messages or instructions to other browser tabs or windows.The library works entirely on the client-side and is built using HTML5's localStorage API. Requirements:· JavaScript en

  • Holler.js 1.9.0

    Holler.js allows developers to write notifications messages in the Node.js console and push them to multiple Web apps or websites in real-time at the same time.Supporting three type of messages (log, error and success), Holler can be used either in p

  • Node-asterisk

    This library will allow developers to manage an Astersik server and perform common operations.These include connecting to a server, managing calls and many more.The README file packed with the download archive details the instructions and available m

  • Web-socket-js 2011-12-27

    HTML 5 WebSockets is a client-server technology for sending messages between one another via TCP.This means browsers can receive and send information from/to servers without having to rely on AJAX technology. For older or newer browsers not supportin

  • Peerbind 1.0

    Perfect for building jQuery-powered online chats or notification systems.The plugin transforms a Web page into a central communications hub, allowing all users viewing that page to receive updates or each others' messages.By messages, Peerbind is not

  • Autobahnjs 0.7.5

    WAMP stands for WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol and is a communications subprotocol. RPC and PubSub are two of the WAMP messaging patterns.Check out similar libraries for the WAMP protocol:AutobahnPythonAutobahnAndroid Here are some key

  • Html Slidy

    The slideshow has been developed by members of the W3C, so code validity should be no problem. Here are some key features of "HTML Slidy":· Advance to next slide with mouse click or space bar· Move forward/backward between slides with Curso

  • Slideous 1.0

    It is built using pure JavaScript and its main goal is to provide a minimal template of porting PowerPoint presentations to web pages.Tested in Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Opera 8.5+.Slideous is based on valid HTML markup and CSS

  • Jsocial

    Animated share buttons can be added to different parts of a website.The information to submit to the social networks like the title/url/description/keywords are automatic retrieved from the HTML page itself so the user don’t need to configure i

  • Jsdialog 1.1

    When clicking en element, a dialog window will appear.Sample file and dialog background image is included in the download package. There's also a Gimp XCF file so the  dialog window's shape can be modifyied to specific needs.

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