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  • English-time 0.0.2

    The "english-time" library can recognize English terms expressing time values and convert them into programmatic-usable UNIX time values.Multiple time formats, units and their abbreviations are supported.Usage details are included with the download p

  • Compressjs 1.0.0

    compressjs works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Volo, Node.js) environments.It supports multiple compression and decompression algorithms, all ported to work with pure JavaScript code and no external dependencies. Here are some key feat

  • Jquery Smartclick 1.0.2

    jQuery Smartclick is a reimplementation of jQuery's .click() method.It basically allows developers to prevent click events to force navigation links to open in the same window.It detects if the user is intending to open a new tab/window by pressing d

  • Jquery Selection 1.1

    jQuery Selection with click events, drag and drop or with both.The plugin is perfect for developing modern user interfaces, enhancing a app's/site's interactivity.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on

  • Jquery.column 1.0

    Resizing the browser or accessing the page from different sized devices will reshuffle content between columns, or columns will be added/removed on the fly. A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on clien

  • Hycus Simple Ajax Tabs beta 1

    It fetches the content of each panel from an external text file. It works with all major browsers including Mozilla, Google chrome, Microsoft IE, Apple Safari and Opera.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enab

  • Clicktracker 1.2.0

    It also uses PHP to process data and MySQL to store it between sessions.Installation:1. Copy the script's folder on a server's web root (or any other location).2. Edit the clicktracker.php file inside the /clicktracker folder with the database detail

  • Jquery Heat Map

    When set up, the admin of a website can inspect how website users have used the site by activating a click tracker like this.The results will be shown using blue dots on top of a semi-transparent overlay pulled over a page.The button that reveals the

  • Hottext 1.1

    If active in a web page, users can hover their mouse over a table cell, input field, or any other web element containing certain type of data and modify its content by drag and drop.Dragging is permitted to the left and/or right only.HotText is desig

  • Gtrack

    The script logs data anytime a mouse event occurs.This includes mouse over, out, clicks, mouse down, and more. Here are some key features of "GTrack":· Utilize Google Analytics.· Easy to use (HTML tag attributes, JavaScript or combination).

  • Referrer Checker Ii

    Referrer Checker II script blocks access to the current page from visitors derived from specific URLs. It is useful, for example, if a questionable site has a link to your site, and you do not wish their visitors to gain entry. The script is compatib

  • Referrer Checker

    Referrer Checker is a security script that checks the URL the surfer came to arrive to the current page. If its not the specified URL, the surfer is denied access. Use this script if you wish to allow surfers to enter a page only through a predetermi

  • Javascript User Details Returned

    This script allows you to see user information in the form of Java status, screen resolution, screen available width, browser, screen depth, font smoothing, current document, cookie status, cpu class, platform and language.The script is compatible wi

  • Display Time Of Last Visit

    This script records the date and time of your visitor's last visit and displays it upon their return. If this is their first visit to your site, a greeting message is shown instead.You can customize the messages to display in each case.

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