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  • Jmonthcalendar 1.2.2 / 1.3.2-beta2

    Inspired by the famous Google Calendar Web service, jMonthCalendar allows developers to setup and manage their very own calendar (agenda, planner, organizer).jMonthCalendar can work on localhost environments or it can be installed on any Web server.T

  • Bic Calendar 1.0.0

    BIC Calendar is for cases when you want to show an event calendar on the Web, without wanting to use a server-side programming language like PHP, Ruby or Python.BIC Calendar relies solely on JavaScript to assemble the calendar and insert events, usin

  • Clndr 1.0.4

    Unlike similar solutions, CLNDR does not focus around preset HTML structures, but uses Underscore to generate custom layouts, as a project's requirements might need.It also uses a JS-based storage system to load and showcase calendar events, providin

  • Jquery Time Dropdown 0.8.0

    jQuery Time Dropdown is a time picker widget for the jQuery JavaScript framework.It allows developers to create a dropdown from a list of passed time values.These time values will appear as preset time selection choices which users can pick from the

  • Jquery.datetextentry.js 2.0.1

    jquery.datetextentry.js over-simplifies date entry in form fields.It allows a programmer to specify the desired date input format he desires and the plugin will automatically create a placeholder mimicking the format and limiting user input to that f

  • Tempus Js 0.1.10

    Instead of patching up JS's date manipulation tools, Tempus JS simply trashes the old date object and provides a more extensible and easy to use system for supporting more complex date operations.The library works with client-side (browsers) and

  • Jquery.datepickerrange

    jquery.datepickerRange works by providing two input fields.One for the start date/time, and the other for the end date/time.Once the start date/time selection, values prior to that date/time will be disabled from the selection process.A period can ad

  • Tidytime.js

    tidyTime.js works by parsing time values and displaying them in a human-friendly form, with extra comments and messages appended and intertwined within the time format.A demo and usage instructions are included with the tidyTime.js download package.

  • Wtimer 1.0.2

    wTimer was created to allow developers to run timers in the browser without having to find polyfills to harmonize time passage in each of them.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· j

  • Duration.js 1.1.0

    duration.js provides tools to express and calculate time periods (durations).The library has its usages, especially in online games, time trackers, timesheet apps and other similar tools. Here are some key features of "duration.js":· Framework a

  • Jquery.formatdatetime 1.0.9

    With over 25 options available, developers can create their own custom date and time formats to use with their code and projects.jquery.formatDateTime was actually developed on top of the jQuery UI datepicker formatDate function, adding support for t

  • Php_date.js 0.3.1

    php_date.js works under the hood of a website or JS-based application by extending the native JavaScript Date object with all the features of its PHP counter-part, a more complete and complex tool.php_date.js is strongly recommended when already fami

  • Jquery.calendar 1.0.4

    jQuery.calendar is not a date picker, but a calendar display widget.The plugin allows developers to show an events calendar on their pages with ease and lots of customizable features. Here are some key features of "jQuery.calendar":· Moving from

  • Any+time 4.2013.07.25.a / 2.A.x

    There are many free or commercial date pickers and time pickers on the Internet, but there are very few date and time pickers (a combination of the two).Any+Time provides such a system, allowing developers to support a mixed date and time selection s

  • Calendar

    The "Calendar" script will display all the months and days of an year in one single block.Besides this, changing between calendar years is also supported.A working calendar demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript en

  • Cutetime 1.1.4

    CuteTime allows showing a date not by it's origin value, but by the amount of time it has passed by from when it happened.Besides this functionality, the plugin also supports easy localization and comes with the capability to update dates in real-tim

  • Jquery.calendarpicker

    jQuery.calendarPicker works just like nay regular date picker, but it looks a slight different from what users have seen the past few years in most interfaces.Instead of showing a calendar-like structure, jQuery.calendarPicker shows three side-scroll

  • Jcal v0.3.6

    jCal modifies how time ranges can be selected.Instead of clicking a start and end point, users only need to select the start date, jCal adding the preset number of days after it by default.This plugin is only useful for predefined ranges.A demo is in

  • Caldavzap 0.9.0

    CalDavZAP is 100% written in JavaScript, with some jQuery, allowing it to run from any machine, with or without a server. A demo interface is included with the default package. Here are some key features of "CalDavZAP":· XML configuration genera

  • Jquery Mobile Date Navigation 1.0

    JQuery Mobile Date Navigation is recommended for selecting wide date ranges.The plugin uses pre-defined date ranges, like week, month and year.It does not allow users to select individual days or custom ranges, only selected weeks, full months and fu

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