• Bill Splitter & Tip Calculator

    Math is the last thing drunk people are good at. This is where an app like "Bill splitter & tip calculator" can really come in hand, allowing them to calculate the waiter/waitress' tip based on the their billed check."Bill splitter & tip calculator"

  • Salary And Hourly Wage Calculator

    Built using Google's AngularJS library, the Salary and Hourly Wage Calculator allows users to see what they can make if they were employed or working as a freelancer.This app takes the user's current income and allows him to convert it to a freelanci

  • Jquery Calculadora 0.3

    jQuery Calculadora works by showing a popup panel when a math operation has been entered inside a text input field.The user can type more than one operation inside and press ENTER to get the final result.For now only simple operations are supported (

  • Em Calculator

    For developers trying to adhere to the new RWD (Responsive Web Design) trend, Em Calculator is a real life-saver.With a very easy to use interface, even the most complicated layouts can be converted to em-based layouts. Requirements:· JavaScript

  • Calculator v0.1

    This can be achieved by one single line of code.The Calculator class can be used in any dashboard UI, providing a simple calculator to whoever needs some basic math done.A demo and usage instructions are included with the download package. Here are s

  • Boomcalc 0.0.1

    The plugin renders a simple calculator widget inside a DOM element.All math operations are performed in jQuery.The calculator will automatically adjust to any given size, automatically adjusting itself. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on clien

  • Calculator 1.02

    Unlike other calculator, this one can handle whole expressions at once, not having to enter them one by one. Here are some key features of "Calculator":Mathematical Functions:· Trigonometric - sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan· Logarithmic -

  • Jscalc

    It adds a calculator on top of any web page when activated.Add the math operations and just press Enter. Here are some key features of "JSCalc":· Simple math operations· Figures out percentages· Determines the 24th decimal of Pi Requir

  • Jquery Calculator 1.4.0

    It can be displayed as a popup element or as an inline component. Here are some key features of "jQuery Calculator":· Complete control over layout, with two standard layouts defined.· Can be driven via the keyboard.· Support for memory

  • Base Convert

    It can handle binary, decimal, hex and octagonal. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Race Time Predictor

    To use it one needs to provide the time for a base distance (1500m, 5000m, 10000m).When you click the Calculate button, the results for appropriate distances will be predicted and displayed. To get the most accurate results, select the base distance

  • World Population Counter

    This script estimates the current population of the world using only math and displays the results live. It comes very close to the official estimations!The script can be introduced in any exiting website pages and is compatible with all Javascript e

  • The Exact Age Finder

    The Exact Age Finder script allows you to find out precisely how old you are, in various units. The form fields can be changed by editing the appropriate code.The script is compatible with all modern web browsers and can be implemented in any web pag

  • Temperature Converter Javascript

    Temperature Converter is a script that instantly coverts between the major temperature units Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.It can be easily adapted to convert between others types of units. The script is compatible with all modern web browsers.

  • Javascript Scientific Calculator

    Scientific Calculator script allows you to imtroduce a complete calculator into any of your web pages. The script is very easy to customize.The calculator appearance (colors, dimensions, additional functions) can be managed by changing the appropriat

  • Round Number To X Decimals

    Round number to x decimals is a useful utility that rounds any number to the specified decimal place. This script is needed because JavaScript doesn't have any built-in methods for the task. The function takes two parameters- a number (has to be

  • Roman Numerals Converter

    Roman Numerals Converter is an interesting script for converting between integers and roman numerals, as well as checking the validity of Roman Numerals for common mistakes. The script can be used on any web page and is easy to customize.

  • Required Download Time Calculator

    Required Download Time Calculator script calculates the time required to download a file, depending on your net connection. You can customize the script by adding additional Internet connection types. The script is very lightweight and can

  • Quadratic Calculator

    You can solve quadratic equations with this easy to use Math script.The script will output also the next results: - The area bounded by the curve above the x-axis - gradient of the curve at any point - minimum value of the curve

  • Numbers Converter

    This flexible script allows you to easily convert between any numbering system, such as from binary to hex, decimal to binary etc.The script generates a form that can be easily customized. It is compatible with all modern web browsers.

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