• Node.js Blog Engine 0.1.7

    The Node.js Blog Engine is a small scale system for creating and running your own Weblog, an alternative to the huge number of blogging tools available for the LAMP stack.Running on the non-conventional Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, this b

  • Scotch 0.1.7

    Extremely easy to install via the Node.js command line interface, Scotch also includes an installation wizard to help developers setup various blog settings as well.Once everything is up and running, Scotch comes with a very light and minimal adminis

  • Node2blog 0.2.2

    Node2Blog is not your average blogging platform, being a very minimalistic platform on which someone can run a simple Weblog system.Depending on a NoSQL MongoDB database, Node2Blog is quite easy to setup via npm and should work on all major operating

  • Poet 1.0.0-rc4

    Poet is not a blog in the classic term. It's no WordPress, Habari, Obtvse, or Chyrp in any way or form. Poet is more of a Node.js module than a stand-alone application.It was created so developers can easily add it to any Node.js-powered application

  • Obtvse-node.js 0.0.1

    obtvse-node.js works together with a MySQL database and boasts an administration panel almost identical to the one found in Svbtle's backend.A config.json file is used to store information about the database connection, server settings and the admin

  • Ghost 0.4.2

    Ghost is a new, unique and ground-breaking blog that provides quite a solid alternative to 3rd-party or self-hosted solutions like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr.Created to work mainly on top of JavaScript, Ghost utilizes the power of Node.js to deal w

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