• Heckle 0.1.0

    Instead of Jekyll's Liquid template engine, Heckle uses Mold.The Ruby version of Jekyll can be downloaded from here. Limitations:· Heckle development is still under progress. Might change drastically from version to version. Still not stable yet

  • Hexo 1.1.3

    Hexo utilizes the amazing power Node.js server provide to power up an advanced blogging engine to help editors and authors publish their articles in a reliable way.At its core Hexo is nothing more than a static site generator, piecing together the bl

  • Ground Control

    Meteor is a framework-agnostic JavaScript platform for developing modern Web applications. Ground Control runs as a native Meteor app and is very simple to install and configure. Here are some key features of "Ground Control":· Markdown formatti

  • Nodepress 0.3.1

    Working in a very simple way, nodepress allows Node.js developers to run a blog without straying to far from the technology they love so much.Nodepress reads template files for displaying the blog layout.For the content, it relies on Markdown for tex

  • Wheat 0.2.6

    Wheat works in a simple manner.It scans a Git repository for Markdown files and publishes them as blog entries if any are found.Markdown syntax is interpreted and rendered out as HTML, while new articles can be published as soon as a new push is regi

  • Looseleaf 0.4.4

    Comes with enough features to work as a CMS for managing an entire website if necessary. Here are some key features of "LooseLeaf":· No management view· Multi-users· Themes· WYSIWYG editing· D&D file uploading· Social fe

  • Logahead 1.1

    You might already have heard of logahead - the ajaxified blogging engine using PHP and mySQL database.The UNU edition is based on the logahead beta 1.0 code published under GNU/GPL license. While the original version sticks to the basic functions of

  • Jsblog 1.0

    The JavaScript Blog System, or JSBlog for short, is a JavaScript program that allows you to create a blog ("weblog") without complex web scripts such as PHP.

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