• Jquery-pjaxr 1.1.0

    jQuery-pjaxr is an improved and expanded version of the pjax jQuery plugin.Just like the original, jQuery-pjaxr can be used for fetching a page's content via AJAX and updating the page via HTML 5 pushState.This plugin is great for large pages which n

  • Simple Ajax Framework

    Simple AJAX Framework allows developers to use a more modern technique of loading content on the page, without having to refresh it every time an user clicks a link.The framework uses AJAX calls to request the new page's content, replacing the existi

  • Async Load 1.0.0

    By default, browsers load every resource on a Web page one by one.If a page contains a really huge resource, than the page its being loaded on will take longer to load and negatively affect not only the site's SEO, but its UX as well.For this cases A

  • Jsdeferred 0.4.0

    JSDeferred helps developers put some order in the plethora of requests and callbacks that need to be handled whenever developing AJAX applications.JSDeferred uses a simpler syntax to deal with asynchronous transactions, making it easier even for non-

  • Ajaxgetcontent 4.0.1

    Normally, users press a link and a new page is loaded.With AjaxGetContent enabled on the site, instead of reloading the browser tab with the new page, the current page's content is removed, leaving the common elements in place (menu, footer, header,

  • Epf 0.1.3

    EPF stands for Ember.js Persistence Foundation.The framework was designed to keep the client-side version of an app in sync with its data backend. Here are some key features of "EPF":· Emphasis on data correctness· Synchronizes data without

  • Jquery Safe Xdr 0.1.1

    jQuery safe xdr includes support for making the request and reading the result, along with some caching features as well.Some usage instructions are included with the package's README file. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side·

  • Ajaxit

    Ajaxit was mainly developed for form submissions and handling file uploads.It includes support for handling all the AJAX transfer data, errors and success methods.Usage instructions are included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScri

  • Jquery Xrequest 1.0.0

    jQuery xRequest allows a developer to write and assemble complicated AJAX-based operations with a simpler syntax than before.To help developers get acquainted to xRequest's style of coding, usage instructions are included with the package's README fi

  • Wnt 1.0

    The transport is a new technique for secure cross-domain browser based data transfer, and can be utilized for creating secure mashups with untrusted sources.WNT mimics the Dojo module, allowing for data transfers betwe

  • Smoax 0.2.1

    Smoax puts in place an alternative Ajax mechanism, replacing jQuery's own $.ajax method.It's much smaller and lighter compared to the original, providing a way to mimic AJAX operations without actually working on a Web server.Usage instructions are i

  • Jquery Async 0.8

    jQuery Async allows developers to create AJAX interactive Web buttons.These buttons will broadcast their action and receive the result via AJAX asynchronous calls.Additionally they can also be animated with ease to signal this action to the user.A de

  • Asyncful 0.6

    Asyncful enables features in Web forms that are regularly available only via complicated coding routines or large sized AJAX libraries.Syntax and settings are very similar to what AJAX jQuery offers.Basically Asyncful splits up AJAX support for what

  • D.js 0.2.1

    'Promise' in JavaScript development represents the result of a task, which may or may not have completed yet. Or in simpler words, what to expect for a JS call.The D.js adds basic methods and functions for dealing with the Promises/A+ spec.D.js works

  • Jquery Ajax Progresss

    The Jquery Ajax Progresss plugin allows developers to add a visual aid for all AJAX-based operations.Jquery Ajax Progresss can overlay a progress bar and display the real-time state of an AJAX call.The plugin uses the AJAX XHR.onProgress event to get

  • Vow 0.3.3

    The 'Promise' term in JavaScript was coined with the emergence of server-side JavaScript development.It basically represents the result of a task, which may or may not have completed yet. Or in simpler words, what to expect for a JS call. Promises/A+

  • Bootstrap-ajax 0.6.0

    bootstrap-ajax basically adds declarative AJAX support for Twitter's famous Bootstrap frontend UI framework.This speeds up interactive actions and reduces code development time by reusing code as much as possible.Optional support for spinners (loader

  • Jquery.xframe 1.1

    jQuery.XFrame allows developers to include remote content inside a page via AJAX, just like they would with iframes.The difference is that jQuery.XFrame uses a DIV with the class "xframe" to go around all the security blocks browsers have against ifr

  • Jquery.ajaxmock 1.2.1

    jQuery.ajaxMock is testing tool for simulating Ajax requests made via jQuery. It does not trigger any real Ajax interactions and can even be tested offline. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.5 or higher What's New i

  • Jquery Ajax Queue 0.1.1

    jQuery Ajax Queue (ajaxQueue) takes a set of AJAX calls and makes sure they are executed in a predefined order.It forces calls to wait for previous requests to finish before starting themselves. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side&#

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