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  • Lazy Ads 0.1.0

    The Lazy Ads library will enable developers to optimize how and when their ads show up on a page.While there are similar libraries that can help developers out with this operation, Lazy Ads is one of the few that takes into account the new RWD trend,

  • Blockblock 1.0

    While "ad blocking" technology is great for users, it's not so wonderful for business owners.This plugin comes to the aid of webmasters running a ad powered and monetized blog or site.It can detect if visitors use an ad blocker and warn (and restrict

  • Stackad

    Allows willing webmasters to promote open-source projects on their site. Usage:Put this script in the header of a site:<script type='text/javascript'        src='

  • Jquery Openx Tag Plugin 1.1

    Perfect for users monetizing their websites, providing support for the widely-used OpenX ad server. Provides a way to invoke OpenX managed ads on the fly, without manually calling them. Here are some key features of "jQuery OpenX Tag Plugin":· T

  • Adblocker Notifier

    Users with AdBlocker, a browser extension for blocking adds, will see a warning message and will be prevented from accessing the website. For them to access the website, they will have to turn off their AdBlocker.The warning message is customizable.

  • Innerfade

    InnerFade is a small plugin for the jQuery-JavaScript-Library. It's designed to fade you any element inside a container in and out. These elements could be anything you want, e.g. images, list-items, divs. Simply produce your own slideshow for your p

  • Free Banner Rotator With Caption

    FREE banner rotator with caption script is a very simple and powerfull FREE banner rotator with caption.Banner type : image caption / flash caption !! You can also define a link for caption in addition of the principal banner-link. The script is very

  • Ad Popup Rotator

    Ad PopUp Rotator is a set of JavaScrits for PopUp, PopUnder and Exit Console Rotation. - Console Rotator Simple simply rotates consoles with each refresh of the page, randomly takes links from array - Console Rotator with HTTP Referer Check verifies

  • Moving Dhtml Pop Up Window Javascript

    Animated pop up scripts are very popular with site owners. They offer you the option of displaying ads or alerts to your visitors and can be quite useful. This Javascript will launch an animated pop up window. This DHTML window will move into your vi

  • Image Etc. Rotator

    Image Etc. Rotator rotates images by milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, by day of the month or by day of the year, with several approaches.Switches Easily From One Size To Another Without Listing Any Sizes. Rotates all the images listed foll

  • Text Banner Rotation

    This script allows you to place text banners on your site instead of image banners which are rapidly being blocked by ad-removal software. However, it is not limited to text only. Others have used it to display a random image as well. The idea is sim

  • Advertisement Slideshow

    This image advertisement script allows you to display and rotate banners automatically without needing to reload the page. You can display any number of banners as a slideshow similar to cinema pre-feature advertisements. Accepts images, text, or ric

  • Random Banner Script

    Random Banner script will load a random banner with the corresponding link and text link (out of three possible banners in this example). The script is compatible with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

  • Javascript Banner Rotator

    Javascript Banner Rotator changes vertically displayed banners randomly with a fading effect. The number of banners (images) is unlimited but it should be greater than 2. The number of image sources exceeds the number of images by one. During a certa

  • Adrotation

    This Java Script selects a random image from a set of images. If you want, you can specify a URL to go with it. Features: - AdRotation() function it is not required that all the images be the same size!! - Reloading the page will cause a different im

  • Mbanner 2.1

    With this script, developers can create a banner in which can:Arrange sequence of images and/or swf files. Attach hyperlinks with them. Specify display duration of individual image/swf. Change height and width of individual image/swf.Define the targe

  • Banner Rotator Js

    This banner rotator scripts is very versatile when it comes to positioning, multiplicity, setting speeds and size.You can display any number of banner ads and they can be made to any size and any format GIF, JPG, PNG ... The javascript bann

  • Espbanner

    ESPBanner is a Banner Rotation script which allow you to rotate any type of advertisement on your website. Whether it is a Flash, banner image or both of them, it displays two or more rotating banners (480 x 60) in an infinite loop.Features: - S

  • Magic Image Rotation

    This is a very simple image rotation script. This script functions much like a slideshow, but has the added feature of allowing each image or banner to have unique links associated with them. All this is done without the need for annoying page refres

  • Adshine

    AdBrite is the Internet's Ad Marketplace - it gives webmasters the opportunity to monetize their ad space amazingly easily. It's a great alternative to Google's AdSense. So, as an experienced AdBrite publisher, you probably know that Adbrite is an ex

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