Javascript Browser Sniffer v0.5.3

JavaScript Browser Sniffer is a browser identifier written in JavaScript (EcmaScript) and released under the LGPLlicense.

It will tell which browser, version and operating system you (the visitor) are using (it's like phpsniff, but in JavaScript).

The JavaScript Browser Sniffer is able to identify these browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (should work with any version)
- Netscape 4.x, 6.x and 7.x
- Mozilla Seamonkey, Galeon, Firebird, Phoenix, Epiphany, K-Meleon, Camino and Chimera (should work with any version)
- Opera (should work with any version)
- Konqueror (should work with any version)
- Nautilus (version number is not available yet)
- Safari (should work with any version)
- Omniweb (should work with any version))
- Links (should work with any version)
- ELinks (should work with any version)
- PowerMarks (should work with any version)
- Crazy Browser (should work with any version)
- MyIE2 (should work with any version)
- Java (should work with any version)
- iCab (should work with any version)
- NetFront (should work with any version, including the Sony-branded version embedded in the Playstation 3)
- Avant Browser (should work with any version)
- MSN Explorer (should work with any version)
- w3m (should work with any version) (please note that w3m only supports JavaScript on the client-side if using w3m-js)
- Netcaptor (should work with any version)
- Dillo (should work with any version) (only server-side)
- Lynx (should work with any version) (only server-side)
And these bots (only server-side, of course, because bots do not execute JavaScript):
- wget (should work with any version)
- GoogleBot
- GoogleBot Images
- MSNBot
- TurnitinBot
- Zyborg
It will also tell you which operating system you run, which browser engine are you using (gecko, khtml...), the full user agent string and which version of the Flash plug-in you have (in case you do have).

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