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  • Simple Java Mail 2.1

    Simple Java Mail is a wrapper of Sun's JavaMail feature.It allows Java developers to programmatically send emails from their code.Simple Java Mail supports complex email structures and even HTML content.The library also produces RFC complaint emails,

  • Apache James Mailet 2.5.0

    A mailet is an email processing agent described by the Mailet API.Mailets are both flexible and powerful. So they can be used for a very wide range of purposes.The JAMES email server factors most of it's mail processing functionality into mailets.The

  • Apache James Jsieve 0.4

    The standard language is defined by the RFC 3028 standard.jSieve is implemented as a language processor that can be plugged into any internet mail application to add Sieve support. It's limited expressiveness (no loops or variables, no tests with sid

  • Apache James Jspf 0.9.9

    It was designed to match the current SPF-Specs of 2006-2009 (See RFC section).SPF is also known as Sender Policy Framework.It was designed to detect email spoofing.This is also a solution for getting rid spam from the inbox. What's New in This Releas

  • Mime Type Detection Utility 2.1.1

    It currently supports detection for,, and byte arrays.MimeDetector provides algorithms for detecting MIME types using various sources.Each MimeDetector is designed to use a single algorithm that detects t

  • Mailbridge 0.8.2

    MailBridge acts as a HTTP tunnel to give you access to your POP and SMTP services through a (corporate / university / etc) firewall. It provides a local POP and SMTP server so you can use your favorite email client to read and write your emails. You'

  • Mrpostman 1.2.4

    MrPostman is a java program that allows you to access Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other webmail services directly from your favorite mail client. It converts the web pages of your favorite webmail provider to e-mails and provides the standard POP interfa

  • Webmail Java 0.7.1

    WebMail is a www-frontend to IMAP/POP3 mailboxes. You can compare it to the systems Hotmail, YahooMail etc use.It allows a user to access his mailbox via the world wide web and do most things other mail programs allow to do, even if he is not sitting

  • Jwma 0.9.8

    Primarily jwma is a WebMail implementation in Java, enabling the user to access, manage and compose email using a standard web browser. However, jwma is more than that. Targeted Audience:System administrators that want to enable their users to access

  • Jmailcomposer 1.2

    jMailComposer is a JAVA/J2EE™ component that allows to send emails from JSP front-end. It supports to, replyto, cc, bcc email addresses and personal names. It provides message priority, return-receipt and file attachments. This component could

  • Mp3 Web Voice Mail 2.1

    Mp3 Web Voice Mail allows to send e-mail voice messages in Mp3 format from a Web site to any existing e-mail software, even to free web based e-mail like Hotmail and Yahoo. Mp3 players are installed almost on the each computer, so, no problem wi

  • Rmail

    Sending and receiving emails from your Java[TM] application was never so easy!.With RMail you can do whatever you like with only a few lines of code. It is a very small and easy to use package. It supports:- SMTP Authentication - SMTP (sending) - POP

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