Jase v0.7

Jase is an open source multi purpose text based editor running on all flavors of windows. It is aimed to offer suitable and quick assists for webworkers - without slowing down it's user productivity with an overboarding waste of nonsense features.
Jase can give you some support in writing your code, especially by doing boring tasks like generating tables and lists, calculating relative links and much more - but it also includes more or less features for other languages like php, css or sql.

- Server-mapping to get php/mysql running
- Relative path references by rightclick
- Multi-language syntax highlighting
- Eyedropper and lots of colorpicking options
- Table and list generators
- Internal picture preview
- Integrated tidy features
- Tagwheel: Easy integration of your own custom snips and tags
- Integrated backup/zip functions
- Real time css preview - watch the results of your changes
- Easy integration of third party tools
- Internal and external preview options
- Available languages at the moment: german and english

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