Infinisql v0.1.2-alpha

Classic relational databases have long been deemed unworthy of high-load, intense transaction processing data flows.
Because of the extremely inefficient way MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar relational databases deal with growing traffic, NoSQL solutions have slowly but surely replaced them in applications and environments where there's a lot of traffic or rapid growth situations.
This was because almost all NoSQL databases can be scaled pretty easily across multiple machines to handle traffic heights and lows without occupying available resources without a proper purpose.
InfiniSQL is a simple RDBMS for classic relational databases that provides a way to scale the database according to its current traffic load, allowing it to handle higher traffic and an increase in transactions.
As an example: InfiniSQL benchmarks have allowed it to process 500,000 transactions per second, scaled on 12 servers. This is very similar to what Redis can handle, and the type of traffic which usually makes companies migrate from relational databases to NoSQL databases. Well, not anymore now thanks to InfiniSQL.
And if you still have doubts, using InfiniSQL allows you to keep your current database in place, along with the data, its structure and the ability of running classic SQL queries, while still being able to scale like a key value-store NoSQL database. So no more complicated database migrations are needed now, which saves the time spent on converting and moving data, along with the time spent documenting about NoSQL DBs.
What's New in This Release:

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