Incipio Inlist

Incipio inList is an e-mail list (newsletter, e-zine) management system for web sites.

inList enables your web site to obtain e-mail addresses from your visitors, organize them into mailing lists, and send messages to everyone on your list(s) quickly, easily, and entirely through your web site!

It is simple and intuitive, but robust enough to handle the mailing list needs of most web sites.

- Purely ASP/VBScript Code (no dll's, no Java/JavaScript, no components to install)
- Works with hosted web sites
- Full source code included (completely customizable)
- Password protected administration area
- Supports HTML/ Text e-mail messages
- Sends confirmation e-mails to administrator and/or subscriber
- User friendly, web-based management requires NO coding
- Subscribe AND Un-Subscribe capabilities for users
- Add/Edit/Delete mailing lists
- Manage the entire address pool from one screen
- Manually add/remove addresses from lists
- Imports existing lists
- Logs messages sent
- Unlimited e-mail support
- Unlimited mailing lists, subscribers
- Available in English and Dutch language
· NT 4.0/ 2000 Server
· IIS 4.0 or higher
· MS SMTP Server w/ CDONTS, JMail, ASPEmail, or ASPQMail supported
· ODBC Compliant
· Active Server Pages
· ADO 2.0 or higher

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