HYPERSUBFUNHELP displays help of a file with expandable recursive subfunctions help HYPERSUBFUNHELP(MFILE) displays the help of MFILE with expandable help for each nested/sub functions that are preceeded by a line of comment containing the key expression '% Display Help'
A set of links is generated containing the name of a sub functions and a the h1 line of every subfunction.
The expension of one link results in the following displays:
- a link for retracting the subfunction help,
- the subfunction help,
- links for expanding subfunctions of the current subfunction are displayed (recursive behavior) provided that the subfunctions are preceeded by a '% Display Help' Tag.
HYPERSUBFUNHELP(MFILE,'short') does not display the main help.
It is usefull for including a link in an Mfile help that adds links to subfunction help beneath the main help, without repeating it.

Note 1: The depth parsing of subfunctions is based on the indentation (spaces). If the mfile is not properly indented, the function might not work. Requirements:
· MATLAB Release: R2007a

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