Hyde v0.8.6

It supports templates, RSS and Atom feeds, tags, styles, image optimizations and text compression. Here are some key features of "Hyde":
· Support for powerful template languages like Jinja2 complemented with custom tags and filters.
· Rich object model and overridable hierarchical metadata thats available for use in templates.
· Configurable sorting, tagging and grouping support.
· Extensible plugin architecture with text preprocessing and HTML postprocessing support for complex content transformations.
· Instant preview using built-in webserver that regenerates content if needed.
· Django
· Markdown
· pyYAML
What's New in This Release:
· Bug Fix: Added styles for codebox (Issue #69)
· Tagger now generates archives upfront in begin_site (Issue #72)
· Breaking: The default nodemeta file has been changed to meta.yaml
· Added test for codehilite markdown extension (Issue #82)
· Added rst_directive.py from the pygments repository (Issue #82)
· Added support for ignoring nodes (Issue #80)
· Hyde now ignores .hg, .svn and .git by default (Issue #80)
· Added support for default publisher (Issue #83)
· Added urlencode and urldecode filters. (Issue #102)
· Bug Fix: Fixed tests for Issue #88
· Added tests for sorting groups
· Added support for loading modules from the site path. Thanks to @theomega for the idea (Issue #78 & #79)
· Added docutils to dev-req.txt
· Bug Fix: Fixed uglify-js tests

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