• Universal Selector

    An even better starting point for every style sheet: it sets everything to 0. No sense writing out every selector!

  • Hide Websites Email Links From Email Harvesters

    This is an easy way to hide email links on your website from email harvesters to help keep you safe from spam. You can make several calls to the "emLink" function and passing a string of name and domain in reverse sequence.

  • Change Text Color By Id

    Change text color based on the id value. Pass in the id name and hex value for color.

  • Change Text Color By Class

    Changes the color of all text using the class name supplied. Pass a class name and hex color value.

  • Blowish Encryption For Protecting Web Pages

    More of a mix of javascript and html, but mostly javascript. Basically input the needed information into the text boxes and you'll get your encrypted stuff.

  • Automatic Field Fill In

    Add a value to another field, depending on a selection.

  • Welcome Message

    Pops Up a Box with a message. Put the code under the HEAD tag, than Replace MESSAGE-HERE with your welcome Message.

  • Using Css To Syle A Rss Feed

    When you create an RSS feed and it get's clicked on, you just get a basic XML readout, OK, but not very pretty, and will put off a user.Save the code as a CSS file, then add the line below to your feed, replacing 'styles.css' with the relevent name,

  • To Make Rollover Links

    Make links with a coloured background in a list that change colour as you roll over.

  • Simple Pop-up Window

    Easy to edit code for a pop-up window. Top code snippet is for a text link, bottom code is for an image link.1. Create a new page for what you want to appear in the popup. 2. Save that page, upload to your server. 3. Then on the page that you want th

  • Html Search Engine

    Its a search engine with dogpile google msn and yahoo. Put the code in a normal html reading program like publisher or html kit and use the search engine.

  • Html Scrollable Div

    Div layer with a scroll bar.

  • Password Protect Page

    Add this, to put a password for that PAGE so people cant get in without that password. Put the code under the HEAD tag, than Replace PASSWORD-HERE with your own, than replace SITE-LINK with the home page link.

  • No Right Click Snippets

    No right click, which doesnt let people like, let people see your page code, or save anything that right click allows people to take stuff from your page.

  • My Theme

    This is the css file

  • Matrix Text

    Its a group of words or letters doing the matrix style to appear on the page, really cool if your a fan of Matrix. Put the first code above the line where ever you want the Matrix Style to show up, than Replace TEXT-HERE with whatever you want showin

  • Live Date Time

    Displays Date and Time like a real clock basically. Make the body tag look like the code above the line. Than copy the Code below the line and put it anywhere you want the clock to show.

  • Link Within A Page

    Allows a link to point within the same page eg: "To Top". Include the tags and # in your links

  • Insert An Image Link

    For those who are very new to HTML, this makes an image a link also. So you can click the link.Just change the img src to your own image url and the a href link to yours too.

  • Image Map

    This allows you to map out links on an image. Obviously you'll need to change the name of the image to the image you're going to map, and change the links. Not forgetting the co-ordinates aswell.

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