• Tablexcel

    Tablexcel will allow a user to copy&paste his Excel table into a special area of the page and automatically generate the HTML code to embed that table into other pages.Additionally it also generates a small HTML preview of the table, to test it out b

  • Dualprint 1.2

    In more simpler terms, dualPrint can assist users in doing multiple pages per side prints.By allowing users more control over what pages are printed and on which paper's side, dualPrint can help save paper by avoiding blank pages or the printing of u

  • Facebook Timeline With Html And Css

    It recreates the recently released Facebook Timeline wall UI.To be used as Facebook product mock-ups.Scrolling to the bottom of a page adds new content (infinite scroll mechanism), just like the original Facebook system. Requirements:· JavaScrip

  • Notfound404

    Works by tapping into the database, and retrieving a random missing child listing.It's basically an HTML page that embeds the listing using an iframe.The page can be used as a 404 error page for any website or CMS around.The proper .htac

  • Localbadge

    There's no rocket science to this script.It's just a piece of code which can be embedded via HTML+CSS or via JS into a web page developed on localhost. It will help differentiate from site versions developed in various environments. Requirements:

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