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  • Toggle Navigation

    Toggle Navigation is basically a button and a menu.Clicking the button once hides the navigation menu. Clicking it again makes the menu reappear.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Github Buttons

    They are not supported by GitHub, but these buttons can be used for highlighting a repo on remote websites.Perfect for (self-)promotion of GitHub hosted repos and Gists.The button is pretty agnostic, it's text being completely customizable.Embedding

  • Dark Button Navigation

    Comes both in vertical and horizontal layouts.It doesn’t use images and is compatible with major browsers.The menu's design was inspired from one of Orman Clark's works. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled on client side

  • Dark Navigation Menu

    The package only provides the menu's HTML and CSS code.To use, the developer must integrate it into his own system.It comes with hover effects and highlighting of the current item.The menu's design was created by Orman Clark of PremiumPixels.

  • Meadmiraclemenu

    The core structure of the menu is made of several nested lists, with special ids and classes.It uses jQuery and the Collapsor plugin topower the animations. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery· Collpasor plugin

  • Skypebuttons

    It includes a demo in the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.2.6 or higher

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