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  • Stacked

    Stacked makes it easy for developers to embed technology logos and icons in their Web pages.The Stacked package was inspired by the way Bootstrap embeds icons as a Web font.A demo page with Stacked icons is included with the download package.

  • Bgvideo

    The script sniffs the latest rendered colors inside the video and applies them to the page background.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· HTML 5 enabled browser Limitations:· Works with HTML 5 videos only. Flash vid

  • Hartaromaniei-css v1-0

    It's not entirely written in CSS and HTML, some images have been used for icons and county outlines. It comes in two versions, grey and orange.

  • Jw Player For Html5 Beta

    It is fully skinnable and configurable player based on the new HTML5 video tag.It is built using javascript (jQuery) and enables a seamless fallback to the popular JW Player for Flash. Requirements:· HTML5 enabled browser· JavaScript enable

  • Videojs 3.2.3

    Video JS is a JavaScript-based video player that uses the HTML5 video functionality built into advanced browsers.This HTML5 player offers is a consistent look between browsers.Working demo included in the download package.A version for the WordPress

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