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  • Responsive Comments 1.3.0

    Responsive Comments reads HTML comments, media queries and a custom HTML 5 data-* attribute. Based on what it finds, it will execute custom JavaScript code and render (or not) the HTML code inside the comment, all based on the detected viewport (scre

  • Tumblr Framework

    Tumblr Framework can be used as a boilerplate for starting your own Tumblr themes.It is a starter kit which developers can use in writing custom themes for their Tumblr blog.Tumblr Framework has seen action in production environments and has been use

  • Empty Framework 5

    Empty Framework provides an infrastructure that allows developers to run a website on multiple environments from the same code base.It comes with a system that allows them to write the content once and by switching CSS files automatically provide sup

  • Html5 Bones 1.6.1

    HTML5 Bones sets up a basic project structure on which developers can add their content.It was specifically designed around the new HTML 5 standard, but also comes with support for older browsers (via normalize.css and HTML5Shiv).Documentation is pro

  • H5bp Redux

    HTML5 Boilerplate is a professional base HTML/CSS/JS template for a fast, robust and future-proof site supporting HTML5 and much more. HTML5 Redux is identical to HTML5 Boilerplate, but also has some extra, useful new features like: Here are some key

  • Stencil

    Stencil puts a structure in place for quickly deploying websites.It allows developers to concentrate on the site's code, instead on how and where to put files and folders.A base project is included with the download package.

  • Mobello 1.0.0

    Mobello supports both smartphones and tablets, allowing developers to create apps that look and behave the same across devices. Here are some key features of "Mobello":· Themeable· Multiple UI elements· MVC architecture· Advanced

  • Understanding Viewport

    Can be used as a tutorial or experimental grounds for creating size responding websites and web apps.It shows developers how to use the viewport meta tag with the viewport and media-query CSS properties. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Siimpler Html Framework

    Siimpler is a boilerplate for web projects, providing a basic file structure for developing a HTML-centric website.A special download builder can be found on Siimpler's homepage where new users can build their own custom project structure. Here are s

  • Html5 Web Notifications

    It allows an active web page to trigger warnings and alerts for visitors, right inside their desktop.Basically, it's just like Growl, but made with HTML 5.Can be used in developing browser extensions and add-ons.A demo is included with the download p

  • Statsheet Frameless Css Framework v1.0

    The StatSheet Frameless CSS framework is actually based on the Frameless CSS framework.The framework uses 3 display modes, a 12-column grid for desktop and tablets, a 4-column layout for mobile devices in landscape mode and a 2-column layout for mobi

  • Ringmark

    Ringmark can be used to test what features mobile browsers support and use the results to adapt the app to those browsers.It is comprised of tests of core functionality that web developers need in order to build their apps (orientation lock, camera f

  • Vanilla5 1.6.1

    Vanilla5 can be used as an alternative to other similar tools like Twitter's Bootstrap or the HTML5 Boilerplate.Also available in a WordPress version for developing WP themes. Here are some key features of "Vanilla5":· Uses HTML5, CSS3, jQu

  • Easy Html5 Template

    Inspired by HTML5 Boilerplate, this is a lighter solution for developing HTML5-based websites and apps. Requirements:· HTML 5 enabled browser

  • Simple Little Table

    Can be used as a pricing table, or just to present data inside a nicely designed table.It doesn’t use images and is compatible with major browsers.The table's design was inspired from one of Orman Clark's works. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled

  • Html5-mini-template

    It comes with an HTML file where a basic HTML5 structure is predefined. The folder layout is also arranged in such a manner to provide an organized structure to the new features that developers will have to support in HTML5.It is not an advanced tool

  • Html Lorem Ipsum Crash Test

    The package contains an HTML file in which all current HTML are listed one after the other, using dummy Lorem Ipsum text. By default, no CSS is loaded.The developer can load his own, and test if his styles break the layout, style every element or he

  • Laker 1.4

    Laker packages features from jPlayer, Baker, jQuery, the Less Framework and a bunch of HTML 5 code.Laker can be used to create digital publications with HTML5 and then convert them to iOS apps. Here are some key features of "Laker":Included packages:

  • Mobile Boilerplate 4.1.0

    The framework provides cross-browser compatibility and consistency for rendering HTML5 apps on smartphone devices. It also has fallback support for legacy Blackberry, Symbian, and IE Mobile.Mobile Boilerplate is not a framework in the right definitio

  • Mobilereadyframework

    It combines and uses technologies like CSS3 media-queries, jQuery, lazy loading, Modernizr and LESS. Here are some key features of "MobileReadyFramework":Supported mediums:· Tablet· Desktop· Big-screen· HDTV Requirements:· CS

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