HiShop is the ultimate in online product display solutions, combined with a complete shopping basket / cart utility. This allows the website owner to easily manage their online shop, and for customers to browse & select products, for online purchase.
Online shop owners can easily update their stock, add new stock categories, set prices, add photos all online via easy web interfaces.

Online shop users can browse products for sale, plus add, remove and adjust items in their basket / cart.
Admin password access is protected by a single way Perl encryption, widely considered uncrackable.

HiShop includes a comprehensive Global Settings Editor which can set a range of appearance and other options.

HiShop uses easily customisable HTML Templates, so appearance can be quicky changed.
Very simple configuration of output methods and integration with online payment gateways using HiShop's online Web Admin area. Seven options are available:
- Auto-generated Direct Mail Form - Use an auto-generated form emailed to the address(es) you provide. Build the form online using the Web Admin area.
- Use your own Paypal account
- Use your own 2Checkout.com account
- Use your own Verisign account
- Use your own Authorize.net account
- Use your own Worldpay account
- Post To External URL - This option will post the order contents as form variables to the url you specify.

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