Help Me v6.x-1.1

The module was developed after the Context help module, but it's more simpler and lighter.
One of the main differences with the Context Help module, is that the help messages are not nodes, they are just records in the database.
This module does not depend on CCK and Views to work.
Another difference is that this module does not use dialogs and complex JavaScript to show the help messages, it rather uses css and very simple jQuery statements.
It plays very nice with the Toolbar module and it is highly recommended to use it with it.
One other reason to use this module is that it doesn't replace the help system, modules can still implement hook_help and the admin decides to show the default help message, the custom help message, or both.
For now, this module will only show the help in a block, a theme variable ($help), and the toolbar.
Unpack in your modules folder (usually '/sites/all/modules/')
Enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules Requirements:
· Drupal 6.x

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