Haziq Affiliate v2.1

Haziq Affiliate allows you to start an affiliate program for your product or service.


- having own website
- update profile
- total clickthrough and details
- total sales and details
- total commision from level 1 to level 4 and details
- look downline and their sales
- banner and link for promotion
- admin control panel
- payout management 
- signup bonus 
- sales commision 
- level commision
- total member sales and details
- total member clickthrough and details
- banner and link management
- members mangement 
- delete member 
- member info 
- reset clickthrough, sales and bonus 
- sales and commision statement

  • Developer: world.haziqprogram.com
  • Website: http://world.haziqprogram.com/
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Commercial License ($8.99) 
  • Language: Php

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