Gr32ex vv0.9

Graphics32 is a graphics library for Delphi and Kylix/CLX. Here are some key features of "GR32Ex":
· Alpha channel support
· General Sprites Engine
· General Animation Effects Engine
· Water Animation Effects
· General Particle Engine (Star Particle Animation Effects and Snow Particle Animation Effects)
General GRControl Pack:
Alpha Blending Controls:
· General Frame supports: Hot, Down, Normal state for frame
· Composed Background with Alpha Blending supports
· Wallpaper: the first draw(if any)
· Gradient: the second draw(if any)
· Texture: the last draw(if any). Texture is also a wallpaper property.
Advanced Font:
· Outline font
· Textured font
· Shadow font
· Antialiasing and transparency.

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