Ghostwire Progressbar

This Flash component allows you to create progress indicators, allowing you to inform users about the status of lengthy operations.

The default skin allows you to create progressbars that closely resembles those seen in the Windows OS, including the ability to have loading text shown within the progressbar and having this text change color as the progressbar advances. The component is truly skinnable - we have also included an XP styled progressbar to demonstrate the ease of skinning.


Windows Lookalike
As the examples demonstrate, the progressbars created by the component closely resembles those seen in Windows operating system.

Color Settings
The menu can be configured for a variety of settings, including colors of the bar and the background, as well as the label font color.

Display Modes
The ProgressBar component can be displayed in three modes - "bar" (default mode), "ticks", or "loop". Try these modes in the example above. The "loop" modes is used mainly for indeterminate progressbars.

Dual-color Label
When the mode is set to "bar", the label can be set to change to another color as the progressbar advances, so that the portion of the text overlapping the progressbar can appear in a darker/lighter color.

Label Placement
The loading text that is displayed together with the progressbar can be set to appear to the "left", "right", "top" or "bottom" of the progressbar. If the mode is set to "bar", you can also set the label to appear "inline"

Target Instance Tracking
The ProgressBar can be set to track the loading progress of a target movieclip.

The component can be set to hide itself automatically once the progress has reached 100%.

Compatible with GhostWire Loader
The GhostWire ProgressBar component is fully compatible with the GhostWire Loader (included in this product).

Snap to Pixel
The component snaps to pixel when published, ensuring that it looks crisp and sharp when the movie plays. Usually to achieve this, you need to ensure that you place your movieclips at integer coordinates (no decimal place) during authoring time. This is not necessary with GhostWire components, which will automatically snap to pixel when published. For example, if the component was placed at x coordinate 20.2, when published it will be placed at x coordinate 20.0 instead. In addition, the component also resizes itself to integer widths and heights.

Truly Skinnable
If the flexibility of the color settings for the WindowsOS-lookable progressbar still does not meet your requirments, you can change the 'skin' of the component.

  • Developer: GhostWire Studios
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os
  • License: Commercial License ($49.00) 
  • Language: Flash

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