Gfontview v0.5.0

The program goal is to have an easy way of exploring your fonts. You point the program to a directory containing font files and it scans it and presents them in a list. At start-up, it will scan some predefined directories for fonts, and, if present, will list them in a combo box, which behaves similarly to the input line of web browsers, including a history of visited directories.

- It displays a list with the PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts found in a directory. For the selected font in the list, it does a preview in the main window.
- It can display information about the selected font.
- It allows you to display a particular character or a string in a separate window, so that you can have several such windows for several fonts and directly compare them.
- It can save the displayed character, string or font table in GIF format.
- It can save a TrueType font as Type 42 PostScript font.
- It allows you to display all characters of the font (in several encodings for PostScript fonts) in a window. All the glyphs in the window can be further magnified by clicking on them (magnification factor according to the mouse key pressed).
- It can print a font sample by generating PostScript code with a sample of the font at different sizes. You can send this output to any PostScript printer or to ghostscript.
In the case of TrueType fonts, they are downloaded as Type42 fonts. The font can be subsetted to include only the needed glyphs, feature important for big fonts.
- It can print a longer text in the selected font; this way you can see how a text typeset in the font would look like, even without installing the font.
- It can print all glyphs in the font together with size information.
- It can print a font catalog, with one font per line and a configurable text.
- It can save a file with the file name and font name of all fonts in the directory.

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