Geolizer v2.01.10

This is an enhanced version of the popular Webalizer HTTP server statistics generator. It's main feature is an ability to discover visitor's country by his/her IP address.

Default Webalizer method is to extract host suffix from the reversal DNS query (obtained directly from log files, or by webazolver program if HTTP server doesn't reverses client IPs), which is slow and imprecise (for example, Brazilian host could be reversed as .com).

Geolizer relies on the GeoIP library API to do the same thing. Thus, no more DNS queries are required, and results are much more precise. Geolizer also has some additional features: it displays file sizes in a human-readable form (bytes/KB/MB/GB/TB) instead of default kilobytes.

It also compiles under MinGW/MSYS now, so you can process your UN*X log files on your Windows box. And, finally, Geolizer features a nice eye-candy country flags.

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