gASPbook is an ASP-based guestbook program.

Some of gASPbook interesting features:
- Full HTML support: gASPbook allows people to include HTML tags in their message.
- Use of cascading stylesheets: To give it a better look, gASPbook does not rely on bandwidth-sucking graphic. Instead, it uses a simple stylesheet for all graphic elements.
- Database-independent: A lot of other guestbooks use a database to store the information. gASPbook only uses a simple flatfile.
- Hot links: If a user gives an Email address or a homepage address, gASPbook will automatically convert them to links.
- Auto-fill: If a field is left blank, gASPbook will identify it as such and either ignore it or replace it with a note.
- Editor: A small editor tool is packaged with gASPbook to allow you to administer the program directly from a web interface.

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