FusionQuest is a marketing powerhouse that will enable you to harness the incredible power of referral marketing through cutting edge affiliate software, while at the same time boosting your search engine ranking by enabling links from your affiliates to count toward YOUR link popularity.
Imagine having hundreds, or even thousands of marketing partners linking to and promoting your web site, driving highly-qualified traffic to your bottom line. And, best of all, you pay these partners nothing unless they produce results.


UltraLinks from FusionQuest are affiliate links that are clean links. They have no redirection and no query string. They're direct links to your home page (using your domain rather than the affiliate software solution provider) and are therefore links that can guarantee proper search engine link popularity.
Affiliate links are generally either 1) are redirection links where the visitor is sent to the tracking server first and then redirected to the website or 2) use a query string (code following a '?' symbol at the end of a URL), which are obvious affiliate links and interfere with proper search engine ranking.
UltraLinks Advantages:
-Direct links to your website
-No redirection
-No query string
-Contributes to your search engine link popularity
-Not obviously affiliate links
-Thwarts commission hi-jacking
-Brands your domain

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