Funkboard Php Script

FunkBoard is the free multi-threaded, highly customisable, open-source bulletin board messaging system. It uses the powerful PHP language and either MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs. It provides compatibility with all operating systems.

Features:- Unlimited forums
- unlimited categories
- Cookies save username and password
- Cookies store your last visit, the board will show you which posts are new since you last visited
- Search Function
- Edit Messages
- Signatures- can be disabled by administrator
- Email notification when your message has a reply
- Bad language filter - all words definable by the administrator
- Users can retrieve lost passwords
- View categories on their own
- Smilies can be used in messages
- Private Forums
- Read-Only Forums
- Mass delete Messages
- Member System, with profiles
- Categories and forums
- Moderators with power only in specific forums
- Original ranks can be edited
- New ranks can be added
- Easy to use admin interface
- Design info is stored in templates, so it's easy to change
- Main page design is in html.php- it's editable HTML
- Private Messaging Add-on
- Who's online add-on
- Unlimited members
- Personal profile creation
- Optional IP Logging
- Banning by user name or IP address

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