Fscauth v1.0.0

Designed to require as little setup as possible, the module allows the developer to build complex and completely secure authentication systems that store data in a database.
It can be used for any database/data store imaginable, from the classic MySQL database to new solutions like MongoDB.
Here are some key features of "FSCAuth":
Included tools:
· The main authentication module(source code and assembly)
· Generic in-memory list UserStore implementation
· ASP.Net Login custom control
· ASP.Net Logout custom control
· ASP.Net example web application
· Supported platforms
· Mono 2.0 and greater
· .Net 2.0 and greater (below 3.5 must degrade to the slower Managed SHA256 implementation)
· Designed to run from any database, relational or otherwise
· Runs within Medium Trust
· Works equally well for both Webforms and ASP.Net MVC
· Runs without modifications in a web cluster
· IIS 7 or higher

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