Flip Style Xml Clock

Settings can be changed from the external XML config file.
Here are some key features of "Flip Style XML Clock":
· 12/12 hour or 24 (military-time).
· a neat little day and night (am/pm) synchronized graphic (optional).
· Neon glow (adjustable).
· No need to use Flash program to customize.
The .XML file has over 60 unique settings for:
· clock_scale
· clock_hour24
· showAMPM
· clock_base_COLOR
· clock_edge_hiLight
· clock_shadow
· neon_TUBEpower
· neon_TUBEcolor
· neon_TUBEthickness
· neon_GLOWpower
· neon_GLOWcolor
· flap_BG_Style
· flapTEXT_GLOWcolor
· ActionScript 2
· Flash Player 8 or higher

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