FlexSQL is a Flex RIA component designed to run SQL queries directly in Flex at runtime and get results back into Flex as a standard XML with bindable data.

You can now run your SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE etc queries directly. The component can automatically load data into your components once data changes using the Bindable method.

Events triggers and error reporting are well handled in FlexSQL. It has been designed for ASP, Colfusion and PHP servers and can work on MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL and other DSN based datasources.
- Runs most SQL queries from Flex like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc
- Single instance can run several queries.
- Fully Configurable at runtime, supports Bindable Flex Method.
- Load data directly into components like Datagrid, ListBox etc
- Returns data in Actionscript 3.0 XML format
- Ships with pre-written backends & fully functional samples and description files.
- Uses POST to communicate with server and broadcast events
- Handles data Catche more intelligently
- Supports accent characters
- Works with ASP, PHP or Coldfusion.
- Works with MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL databases.
- Ships in SWC Class file format.

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