Flat Ui Pro

Expanding on the default Flat UI free package, Flat UI Pro provides access to more widgets and the package's Photoshop PSD source files, a must for designers wanting to add or modify basic styles and UI elements.
Just as the free version, Flat UI Pro will severely reduce development time by providing ready-made graphic and coded elements to use in personal or business projects the same.
Here are some key features of "Flat UI Pro":
· Bootstrap-based code
· Retina support
· Color swatches
· Responsive layouts
· Vector-based graphics
· Grid system
· OOCSS coding standards
· Open source and icon fonts
Basic UI elements:
· Buttons
· Drop-downs
· Form elements
· Calendar widgets
· Navigational menu
· Pagination system
· Breadcrumb system
· Progress bars
· Drag sliders
· Tags
· Tooltip
· Typography styles
· Vectorized icons
· Video player
· Share widgets
· Alerts and notifications
· Tables
· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Developer: Designmodo
  • Website: http://designmodo.com/flat/
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Commercial License - Personal License (for personal projects) ($39.00)Commercial License - Developer License (for business projects) ($149.00) BUY the full version
  • Language: Css

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