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  • Smileyrenderer 0.2

    SmileyRenderer scans a block of text and replaces well-known emoticon strings with preset smiley images.It supports static image formats and even animated GIFs as well.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· Adobe Flash Play

  • Text Layout Framework 1.0

    The Text Layout Framework is perfect for manipulating text via code or adding more user interaction controls to existing text. Here are some key features of "Text Layout Framework":· Bidirectional text· Vertical text· 30+ writing syste

  • As3hyphenation

    Hyphenation in web browsers means splitting the words by syllables when reaching the end of rows, and not passing them to the row below when there's no more space on the current row.This port was mainly built because the JS version couldn't be used i

  • Format Text With Css In Actionscript 3.0

    The component reads a HTML fomatted text from an external .txt file and applies CSS rules to it.The CSS rules are also loaded from an external file.A working example and source code is provided in the download package. Requirements:· ActionScrip

  • Pixel Block Text

    The script supports capital letters, numbers and the explanation mark. Here are some key features of "Pixel Block Text":· 2 types of numbers, see below;· Delay between letters;· Spacing between letters;· Speed/ duration of blocks

  • Incredible Quotes

    Incredible Quotes script allows you to show random quotes by using Flash.Quote Player functions: 1. It loads the text from a external xml file. 2. It loads images from a external file. 3. The quotes are played randomly and they will not repeat until

  • Dynamic Blur Text Effect

    Dynamic blur text effect script creates an interesting motion blur text effect. It is very easy to use: you paste all needed parameters to the class constructor and add the instance to the stage (display list). The script is also easy to customize to

  • Chaos - Text Effect

    This is interesting text effect. Letters are spread evenly all over the stage making chaos and then they return to their places. It is very easy to use: you paste all needed parameters to the class constructor and add the instance to the stage (displ

  • Flash Text Replacer

    Flash Text Replacer script generates Flash headings dynamically: the text is written to the webpage, and then converted on page load by Flash and JS., making the text appear anti-aliased and image-like. So that's exactly what this script does. It's a

  • Flashtexteditorsuite

    The flashTexteditor Suite includes the flashTexteditor2, flashTexteditor2 for Flex and the flashTexteditor components. Features: - Text formatting using CSS for speed, simplicity and consistency  - Use of an external CSS file to specify styles a

  • Escape-flash 0.1

    Escape-Flash is a simple function to prevent some errors caused by the different encoding characters used between Macromedia-Flash textfield_textareas and Html encoding.Escape Flash is a simple program to escape text to visualize it correctly in a fl

  • Flash Text Fader Wizard

    Flash Text Fader Wizard is a tool that allows you to design your text fader in a few minutes and instantly see the results.Creating a text fade will take a few minutes using the Flash Text Fader Wizard. Flash Text Fader features URL links, configurab

  • Quickdefine

    Built with mProjector, NeoSwiff and MTASC, this windows-only application will sit in your system tray and wait for input. Any time you need to look a word up, just click the tray icon and the lookup form will appear. Type in (or paste) the word, hit

  • Flash Textarea

    FlashTA is a WYSIWYG replacement text area for html forms. While there are various implementations done in javascript, most of them don´t work in this/that browser/os combo, and every time a browser vendor makes a change, they need to update th

  • Fosforo

    fosFORO is a Text Formatter in Flash which allows you to use emoticons and other features in your textfields. It’s simple to use, and with a few lines of code you can define the emoticons to use.

  • Edittext Example

    To show how to make text fields.

  • Scrolling Text

    Bitmaps are scrolling much more faster then pure text! If you don't believe me, just try to put two such a long texts (the second one as a shadow) and try to scroll them.

  • 3d-text Test

    Just a silly rotating texts.

  • Rotated Text

    To show how to rotate text. You have to use font with shapes to rotate text.

  • Textfield Properties

    To show some of the new TextField properties. You can enter just numbers in the 1. text field and uppercase letters in the second on.

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