• Roman Numbers Conversion

    Function to convert unsigned ints into roman numbers, extensible.

  • Reverse Number Of Any Base To Other Base

    This program accepts number in any base and reverses it for other base. This mean if you enter binary 110 and reversing it for base 16 then answer will be 6 and not 4, because we reverse it for base 16 and not for base 2. for base 2 it

  • Ui Component - List Data Grid

    This is a small script which shows how to have the list box component and the data grid component working together.Drag a list box component and a data grid component and instance name them "listBox" and "dataGrid" respectfully. Paste the following c

  • Ui Component - Datagrid

    AS for the datagrid component. Drag a datagrid component into the stage and give it an instance name of myGrid. Place the following code into the first frame of the movie.

  • Ui Component - Combobox

    Listener for the comboBox component. Place a comboBox component on the stage and give it an instance name of myComboBox.Add some labels onto it by selecting it and clickin on "properties". Paste the code into the first frame oon "prope>

  • Ui Component - Button

    Actions for the button component in mx 2k4. Drag an button component into the stage and instance name it "myButton". Paste the code onto frame one of the movie.

  • Alert

    Script for the alert component in MX 2k4. Drag an alert component into the stage then delete. Paste the code onto frame one of the movie.

  • Transparent Textarea Component

    This code will make the textArea component in fMX transparent. Place the code on the first frame of your movie.Place a textArea component onto the stage and instance name it. Replace "myTextAre" in the code with the instance name of your textAreuot;

  • Tower Of Honai

    Graphical solver of tower of honai.

  • Flash Tooltip

    Add a tooltip to any object. Place prototype in your fla file. use it like this: myMC.toolTip("hello world");

  • Toggle Button

    Make a button into a toggle button.Place thie code on the first frame of the buttolt;p>Pe.

  • Flash Timeline Pause

    Function which pauses a timeline 's' amount of seconds. Place in first frame of main timeline. Execute in frame where you want the pause, with the number of seconds within brackets.

  • Text Effect

    This text effect appears on the screen as though it was typed.

  • Swf Talks To Another Swf

    Make one swf file communicate with another swf file.

  • Sort Numerical Array

    Function for sorting numeric Arrays.

  • Flash Snake

    This snippet create a complete "Snake" game in a Flash movie. All the game is made in actionscript, so it is quite light (2-3 kb) and easily customizable. You can customize almost all the game.It's simple : paste the code in your movie and call the "

  • Flash Cookie Sharedobject

    This code allows a person to type his name in a a flash movie, close it and when he opens it again, it uses sharedObject to retrieve the name and populate the text field with it once again.Drag an input component on to the stage and instance name it

  • Search And Replace

    Search and replace any word or letter in a string. Place the prototype on the first frame.

  • Scrolling Items

    Scrolling code can be used for text menus, picture slides, navigation around a panoramic picture etc. Delete sctrict-type variable declarations if wish to use in Flash versions prior to MX 2004. All actions go in first frame of actions layer on root

  • Flash Scale Using Input Box

    Change the scale of an object by typing a value into the text box.Paste code onto the frame not the object. Create a square and call it; square_mc. Then create a INPUT text box and give it a var name of; input (note: adding a var is not the same as a

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