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  • Mod_rewrite Generator

    mod_rewrite generator allows you to offer your web site visitors an opportunity to create mod_rewrite rules instantly. This product is very useful to new webmasters because mod_rewrite rules can be very complex. By providing such a tool to your web s

  • Easycommunicator 1.2

    The goal of EasyCommunicator is to establish a simple tool for eliminating the round-trip problem in web-based applications. Communication is accomplished with just 5 methods - setRequestPage, setVariable, send, load, and Get. No XML parsing is neces

  • Laziza 0.4

    This program is a TCP Server, listening to clients JSFL commands on port 1212, running on a windows machine with Flash mx2004/8. It allows to make whatever can be done locally with JSFL and can send flash outputs and errors to the connected clients.

  • Eventmanager

    Contains the initial version of the net.zeusdesign.events namespace. A replacement for the standard EventDispatcher included with Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8.

  • Torta 0.3

    Torta shows you where your disk space is being used. Its user interface is similar to that of the awesome program filelight. Unlike filelight, Torta does not need any graphical environment to run: it analyzes the file system directly and generates a

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