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  • Neathtml

    NeatHtml™ is a highly-portable open source website component that displays untrusted content securely, efficiently, and accessibly. Untrusted content is any content that is not trusted by the website owner. Typical examples include blog comment

  • Advanced Anti Spam Mail Form

    Advanced Anti Spam Mail Form is a mail form (Flash/PHP) with captcha function. With this script you can avoid spamming from your web mail form. This simply generates a word made from random characters which is distorted by noise.The sc

  • Client Flash File Locker

    This is a file that can lock out a Flash file.The little chestnut locks a clients file if they don't pay.It is a Movie Clip which you just drop into your project. This Movie Clip connects with an XML file hosted on your server every time it is played

  • Actioncrypt 0.5

    ActionCrypt is a modular class library for usage with Flash applications. It can be used to encode text using any encoding algorithm for which a module is provided. At this moment, only Blowfish under ECB mode is supported (note that this is not terr

  • Password Generator Tool

    This script is a random password generator. There are versions available for ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2, Java, and C#. The same class was duplicated in multiple languages to illustrate some of their subtle differences.

  • F_tea 0.9b

    f_TEA is a 128-bit encryption system based on the TEA algorithm by Roger Needham and David Wheeler for Flash and PHP. The f_TEA class does not encrypt your SWF file. Rather it encrypts data coming and going to/from your Flash application similar to S

  • As3 Crypto Framework 1.2

    As3 Crypto is a cryptography library written in Actionscript 3 that provides several common algorithms. Features: - Public Key Encryption: RSA (partial. encryption only.) - Secret Key Encryption: AES, DES, 3DES, BlowFish, XTEA, RC4 - Confidentiality

  • Dsg Component 1.5

    DSG  is a Flash MX 2004 licensing system component designed to protect your work once flash SWF files have been released to a client.FEATURES - Manage access to your flash work even after it has left your hands (Even from a remote server!). - Cr

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