• Gpxflash 1.0

    GPX files are files used to store data acquired from GPS connections or devices.

  • Ammap 2.5.4

    the package contains several examples, and also includes individual maps of several countries. Here are some key features of "amMap":· Customize every detail of your map - sizes, colors, disable features you don't need;· Create multi-level

  • Netanimator 1.0

    NetAnimator is a network simulator written in flash. It allows you to build up a topolog and send packets throught your network, see and inspect them as they travel, change the headers and observe such protocols as ARP and switch learning.

  • Kraskarta 1.54a

    kraskarta is an interactive map engine. It is based on Macromedia FLASH technology with server scripts written on PERL with postgresql database. List of features included: - search for a street and address, - search for a bus route, - informatio

  • Omicbrowse 1.2

    OmicBrowse, developed with Flash and Java, is a highly evaluated genome browser integrating omics knowledge ranging from genomes to phenomes and is especially appropriate for positional-cloning purposes.

  • Rapid Math Trainer 1.1

    Rapid Math Trainer is a tiny Flash ActionScript Speed math program to train rapid multiplication and addition.Good for any age who wants to improve arithmetic and general maths skills. Quick mathematics is useful.

  • Actionscript Physics Engine 0.45a

    APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) is a free AS3 open source 2D physics engine for use in Flash and Flex.Features:CircleParticles -fixed or non-fixed -variable mass, elasticity, and surface friction RectangleParticles -rotatable -fixed or non-fixed -v

  • D's Virtual Flash Cards 0.5

    This project aspires to bring the utility of using the concept of flash cards for learning to computer desktops and hand held devices. Used on a handheld device, it virtually eliminates the need for carying paper based flash cards.

  • Mathutils.as

    A collection of advanced functions for rounding numbers that offer more options than Math.round(), Math.floor(), and Math.ceil().

  • Flade 0.6a

    Flade (Flash Dynamics Engine) is an open source actionscript 2.0 library for simulating 2D physics using Verlet integration. It currently features rectangular, circular, & wheel primitives, spring & angular constraints, and surfaces composed of line

  • Com.wis.types.lists.node

    Implements the behaviours of the Node Class. BinaryTree.as is built using this node class. Each node stores one data element, and has left and right sub-tree pointer which may be null. The node is a 'dumb' nested class -- we just use it for storage;

  • Com.wis.types.lists.doublelink

    Implements the behaviours of the DoubleLink Class. Provides methods for replicating in Flash a doubly linked list API in C, written in 1996 by Carl J. Nobile. usage: var inst:DoubleLink = new DoubleLink();

  • Com.wis.types.lists.dictionary

    Implements the behaviours of the Dictionary Class. Provides methods for creatung a lookup dictionary, similar in concept to an associative array. usage: var inst:Dictionary = new Dictionary(keyList,dataList)

  • Com.wis.types.lists.binarytree

    Implements the behaviours of the BinaryTree Class. Provides methods for creating and displaying results from a binary tree crawl.usage:var inst:BinaryTree = new BinaryTree();

  • Com.wis.types.iobj

    Defines the IObj interface for the Obj superclass and its subclasses, based on JS RayTracer2 by John Haggerty. This is a list of the interface-dependent classes: com.wis.types.Obj - superclass com.wis.math.geom.intersect3D.Intersect3D - extends Obj c

  • Com.wis.types.colmc

    Implements the behaviours of the ColMC Class. The Col class, which supports the methods of this class, isn't very user-friendly, requiring an instance of an mc with a 'Color' object already applied to it. ColMC can be instantiated dynamically with th

  • Com.wis.types.col

    Implements the behaviours of the Col Class. This class isn't very user-friendly, requiring an instance of an mc with a 'Color' object already applied to it. However, the Col class supports the methods of the ColMC class, which is much more user-frien

  • Com.wis.types.arr

    Implements the behaviours of the Arr Class.Provides methods for extending the core Array class. It can be instantiated as an empty array or by a list of arguments, which first clears then populates the class $arr:Array property.usage:var inst:Arr = n

  • Com.wis.math.num.stat

    Implements the static behaviours of the Stat Class, which deals with Probability and Statistics math algorithms.usage:Stat.classMethod(args);

  • Com.wis.math.num.format

    Implements the static behaviours of the Format Class. usage: Format.classMethod(classProp);

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