• Quiz

    Ideal for educational websites, it supports multiple questions, and shows a final result at the end of the quiz. Here are some key features of "Quiz":· Correct answer count· Showing final results· Registration and results can be record

  • Xml Quiz / Test

    XML Quiz / Test is a Flash XML Quiz that supports many options and features.Fetaures: - Unlimited amount of questions! (and potentially answers too!) - Upon completion, an email is dispatched to the user as well as the quiz owner reporting their resu

  • Quiz Maker

    Quiz Maker - Generate tons of quiz games with this Flash quiz game engine.Features• Create any number of quiz games from the same source code • Write your own quiz questions and answer for your quiz games quickly and easily • Any numbe

  • Crifano Quiz 1.0

    The Crifano Quiz Component is a software that lets you create your own internet quizzes. It's very easy to use and even a beginner may create high quality quizzes. Use the randomize attribute to make each quiz different each time it is taken, that is

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