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  • Automated News Slider With As3

    This is a copy of the news slider seen on an older version of the LaNacion.com website.News articles can be added by editing an external XML file.CDATA is supported inside the XML. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • Sliding News Component 2.0

    Sliding News Component is a simple news publishing system made with Flash. The news appearance is XML driven. You can change number of columns, width, height, margins, image width, height, tweens, preloader, links and much more.

  • Screensaver News Xml 1.1

    Screensaver News XML is a screensaver that shows messages with images when the mouse is not used for a period of time. The message is displayed in the middle of the movie by default. The script is compatible with Flash 8, Flash CS3 (ActionScript 2.0)

  • News/product Rotator

    News/Product Rotator is a highly customizable flash application to show details, portfolio, small pictures, news etc. with HTML description. The images are loaded from XML and you can customize if it is slideshow or arrow controled, glow color, visib

  • Xml As2 News Scroller

    XML AS2 News Scroller allows you to rotate news titles on any web page using Flash. There are many customizable variables: XML sets size, scroller speed, text, and colors. The script is compatible with any modern web browser Flash enabled.

  • Arsa's Flash News Ticker 3.9.0

    Its main purpose is to show news headlines, RSS feeds, image slides and more. Here are some key features of "Arsa's Flash News Ticker":Application features:· Easy installation· Plug&Play integration· RichText editor· Preview·

  • Xml News Ticker Black 1.0

    XML News Ticker Black is a very easy to use news ticker. It resizes to fit the width of the stage. It can easly be integrated in html. Features list: - Unlimited number of news  - Everything is tweened for smooth and nice movement/appearance&nbs

  • Xml News Ticker White 1.0

    This is a very easy to use news ticker. It resizes to fit the width of the stage. It can easily be integrated in HTML.Features list: - Unlimited number of news - Everything is tweened for smooth and nice movement/appearance - Easy to customize - Resi

  • Flashticker-fx 1.3.0

    This component is designed to display the news of your site, as well as short excerpts of text (with images), or as a way to advertise different products and special offers. Display each item with 6 great built-in transitional effects. Feed the data

  • Flash News Ticker Script

    This Flash News Ticker can display text links specified in a XML configuration file. News links are scrolled from the bottom to the top. The Flash News Ticker allow you to set the text color & the mouse over color, different link urls and t

  • Sliding News 1.0

    Sliding News component allows you to control the news appearance through XML. You can change number of columns, width, margins, tween and much more. The CSS style for links can be eassily customized. Sliding News component is compatible with all mode

  • Compact News Viewer

    Compact News Viewer is a great way to present your latest news when you don't have much space! It has many great features... It is updated by editing an XML file. It's very easy! Add as many news items as you like! The full news articles can contain

  • News On Note Paper

    News on Note Paper component allows you to publish unlimited news items on note paper. This is a stylish way of presenting your news! Features: - Add as many news items as you like via an easy to edit XML file. - When you rollOver an item it is

  • Project / News Viewer 8.0

    Project / News Viewer is yet an another xml driven news or projects viewer, it can be easily customized for your needs. Features: - It is vertically resizable, and it aligns to the center of window automatically  - Project/News Items are XML dri

  • Html On Note Paper

    This file allows you to display an external text file with HTML formatted content (including images) on a scrollable note paper. It provides you a great way of presenting your news or other content! It loads the text from an external text f

  • News Viewer 1.0

    This is a XML driven, expandable news viewer Flash file with fading text effects. The script is very easy to be configured in order to be used on your website.News Viewer script provides a good compatibility with all major modern web browsers Flash e

  • Full Screen News Viewer

    Full Screen News Viewer allows you to present an unlimited number of news items with images.This Full Screen News Viewer is a great addition to any flash website. It hides away as a tab on the left side of the screen when you're not viewing it, but e

  • Advanced Compact News Viewer 2.0

    Advanced Compact News Viewer is a great way to present your latest news when you don't have much space! It's perfect for HTML or Flash websites. Features: - you can easily resize the news viewer to any size just by changing the width and height withi

  • Flash News Ticker

    Flash News Ticker creates horizontal and vertical Flash news tickers instantly. It only takes a few quick steps to create a complete Flash news ticker or scroller. With Flash News Ticker you can create impressive and professional Flash scrollers and

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