• Rss News Ticker

    Clicking on any news title will pause the sliding effect and display a news excerpt. Requirements:· Adobe Flash CS3 or higher

  • Whistlr 0.0.4

    The package contains the source code (not the executable) of a small desktop app to publish tweets and view recent tracks listened on a Last.fm account. Requirements:· Adobe AIR

  • Idle Mouse

    When the mouse stands still for more than a specified amount of time, the screen will go black and a "zZz" sign will appear.If the user moves his mouse again, the screen will be activated immediately. Here are some key features of "Idle Mouse":·

  • J!tasks

    !tasks is a simple task manager. It offers to all your registered members to manage their own task list. Each user manage its settings which are created 'on the fly' for new users. J!tasks is fully Object Oriented and demonstrate it is possible to no

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