• Resize Flash Dynamically With Javascript And Actionscript

    The method allows resizing controls to be placed either inside or outside the Flash object.Redimensioning the stage is done dynamically,so users don't need to reload the page, saving the website owner some bandwidth traffic.The basic principle is to

  • Circular Glowing Preloader 1.0

    Changing the color and other customizations are possible.UsageDrag and drop to the first frame of the movie. Requirements:· Adobe Flash 8· ActionScript 2

  • Testimonials

    This Flash script allows you to display a list of testimonials on your homepage, below an interactive slideshow, all customizable through XML . Inside the zip you will also find a video file explaining you how to modify the fade out effect to so

  • Dynamic List Xml 1.0

    Dynamic List XML is a fully customizable dynamic list, XML driven. The List of variables you can change: - bigImageWidth & bigImageHeight - thumbnailsWidth & thumbnailsHeight - thumbTextWidth - bigImagePosition = left/right - scrollAreaEnabled =

  • Tooltip Flash Script 1.0

    Tooltip Flash Script is the ultimate tooltip component for Flash.Features: - Works with buttons and movie clips - Very simple to use. Just drag and drop, and of course set few parameters - It can displays text and movie clips - 4 different opening an

  • Personal Signature Generator

    Personal Signature Generator allows you to offer your web site visitors an opportunity to create an image of their signature in realtime using their mouse or pen tablet. This product is also very useful if you require your customers to sign agreement

  • Usa Xml Map 1.0

    USA XML Map component allows you to display an interactive map of the United States with easily editable state information driven by XML. The component is available for: Flash 8, Flash CS3, AS 1.0, AS 2.0 and is viewable with: Flash Player 7 and abov

  • Flash Igoogle Weather 2.0

    Flash weather widget XML based (data is received from Google web service at - www.google.com/ig). You can choose different towns, language, US or SI units. Three versions - three ways to change variables: - XML - FlashVars - Normal (Flash) Requiremen

  • Applets By Andrei 1.1

    Applets by Andrei are 16 XML-based Flash applets for any website. 100% of the Flash 2004 Pro source code included, fully configurable via external XML and JPG files. Features: - All applets are controlled by external XML configuration files, includin

  • Description Pane Component 1.0

    The Description Pane Component allows you to display descriptions on items with a transition effect. You can choose to have it move and resize with it's owner (any Flash DisplayObject), or use it as a standalone object.Features: - Includes Extended A

  • Customizable Christmas Ecard 1.0

    This script is a simple and customizable e-card with some nice effects. Features: - You can add a message text and use it as such, or can substract parts from it (like the snowflakes, the moon or the stars) and use it in your own website, p

  • Crap Os X2

    Crap Os X2 is a fake OS simulator based on Flash's ActionScript 1.0 programming. Macintosh and Windows projector's are available.

  • Flash Bowling Score Calculator 0.91

    FL-BSC is a Flash-based application that scores games of bowling for 3 players or a 3-game series by one player. Shows Max Score, TruScore, and pinfall diagrams. Ready-to-use, or can be embedded into your own web pages. FLA source is also provided. T

  • Fade

    FADE (Flash Desktop Environment) is an animated desktop, containing animated icons and panels. It uses the html desktop feature (of many os) to change it to a full flash Desktop.

  • Columns Example

    To show how to use fill gradients and columns. The 'static word in the gradient means that all columns or other shapes will use the same gradient. Without this parameter all shape parts will have own gradient with different center and scale!

  • Cursor Example

    To show how to hide default mouse cursor and use one's own.

  • Control Flow

    To show how to Control Flow and frames variables.

  • Font Gc Chanel

    To have this font with shapes for sharing in movies. Only small characters, numbers and punctuation is included.

  • Font Euromode Test

    To use shared 'font with shapes' in movie.

  • Shared Objects

    To show how to store variables in the user's machine.

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