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  • Custom Button Using Flash Cs3 And As 3.0

    It is complete with hover and roll out effects.The level of functionality and AS coding recommends this component to be studied only for learning/tutorial purposes. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • 2009 Loop News Widget

    It can be used as a stand-alone feature for a website or just as a teaser on the home page.News automatically rotate in a loop in the widget frame. The user can navigate through the news using the mouse. The loop stops when the mouse is hovered on a

  • 2009 Rss News Ticker

    The user has control of the RSS feed's sources, time of the display ticker, styling settings and many more.It includes a PHP link processor, so the user doesn't need to include the "http://" characters before a link.It can load feeds from a local fil

  • Creative Template Ii – Designer's Showcase 1.0

    The entire design and content can be customized from an XML file. Here are some key features of "Creative Template II – Designer's Showcase":· Unlimited galleries within unlimited categories· Unlimited HTML pages with SWF content· Ph

  • Creative Template I - Photographer's Portfolio 1.0

    It includes a menu with two levels and it is possible to load unlimited html/swf pages or add photo galleries with a creative navigation. Here are some key features of "Creative Template I - Photographer's Portfolio":· cool photo navigation syst

  • Horizontal Scroller 1.0

    All the settings can be customized through an XML file. Here are some key features of "Horizontal Scroller":· unlimited number of thumbnails· cool burn/zoom roll over effect· text for every thumbnail· different links for every thu

  • Simple Xml Drop-down Menu 1.0

    The font embedded into the .fla file can be replaced with another. Here are some key features of "Simple XML Drop-Down menu":· Menu with two leves;· XML controlled;· Fully customizable colors;· Different page targets for every men

  • Neon Glow Button

    This script provides a series of navigation buttons that will glow like a neon when you hover the mouse over them. It is very easy to be implemented in any website navigation system.The script also provides compatibility with all modern web

  • Fading Slider 1.0

    This is a XML driven sliding menu, with support for an unlimited number of thumbnails. Sliding is based on the speed according to the mouse x position from the center. It is highly customizable and it can be programmed to to trigger any actions you d

  • 3d Buttons Carousel Xml 1.0

    This script allows you to create a 3D XML driven carousel menu with left/right navigation buttons, perspective, depth, mirroring and coloring effects. Key Features: - XML configuration file easy to setup  - Dynamic image mirroring  - Roll o

  • Cool Horizontal Menu

    Cool Horizontal Menu script is a Flash horizontal menu. It has many customizable parameters. You can easily modify text, colors, and speed of retraction. The menu is modern, stylish and easy to use, drag and drop friendly. The menu can be rendered by

  • Flippin' Tab Menu

    This simple vertical menu is incredibly easy to modify within flash. Detailed instructions are included for the beginner.The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs. It is compatible with all modern web browsers Flash ena

  • Splash Menu With Dynamic Texts

    This script allows you to create an easy to use Flash splash menu. You are allowed to configure it directly in the HTML code without any changes in Flash. You can set the website name and the titles, descriptions, and links of each button. Natur

  • Interactive Menu Pack

    Interactive Menu Pack contains Flash menus compatible with any website layout.This template contains 10 buttons, each with its own unique rollover effects.The scripts can be rendered by any modern web browser Flash enabled.

  • Thumbs Scrollers 2.0

    THUMBS SCROLLERS script is a Flash scroller with captions that loads thumbnails via a XML file. Key Features: - AUTO SCROLL - CLICK TO SCROLL - You can modify total area (width of the scroll area), by modifying a variable. - You can modify HEIGH

  • Shrinking Modern Menu

    Shrinking Modern Menu is a  modern, shrinking menu that when you roll over it will shrink to a smaller size, and after you roll outside it will return to its normal size. It has easy to change colors, size, text, and speed. The script is compati

  • Vector 3d Button

    VECTOR 3D BUTTON is a FLASH 8 AS2 2-sided vector 3d-Button.Key Features: - easily replacable images on both sides - on Mouse-over/out and press functionality (no glitches) - idle-glare animation reflection - lightweight 9kb including pics

  • Professional Floating Menu

    Professional Floating Menu script allows you to add a simple to use floating menu to your website. The script is very easy to install, use and customize.It provides compatibility with all modern web browsers.

  • As 2.0 Xml Menu 1.2

    AS 2.0 XML Menu is an AS 2.0 XML menu (with optional scrolling). It was tested with 1 to 50 menu entries. Can be easily defined by XML. Menu Item 1 is automatically selected. When using low number of menu entries, the system automatically adjusts the

  • Neverendingxmlscroll

    NeverendingXmlScroll is a versatile continuos orizontal auto scroll component. It can be used as a menu or as an image viewer. Features: - Endless horizontal autoscroll - Xml driven, you can add infinite items and images - dates, titles, texts and li

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