• Starling 1.3

    Starling is a very complex and advanced tool on which professional Flash games can be created on.Starling is actually the game engine on which the widely successful Angry Birds game has been coded (the Flash version).The engine focuses mainly on perf

  • Flashpunk 1.6

    FlashPunk can be used to set the base prototype for a game structure.It reduces development time by providing ready-coded solutions for typical redundant problems in game development.FlashPunk was designed to be used with AS3 and Flex. Here are some

  • Fc64

    Allows users to play classic Commodore 64 games inside a simple Flash container. Comes with advanced keyboard support. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • Pool Game Engine 1.0.0

    The engine is actually a SWF file which can be imported into any other project. To work, the developer needs to add game logic and event handlers. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash player

  • Red5poker

    It was written in Flash (AS3) as a Flex component and uses a Red5 server to store/broadcast the needed data. Here are some key features of "Red5poker":· Virtual coins managment.· No registration is required - just enter your username to ent

  • N-sized Puzzle

    It comes with many game modes starting from a 3x3 frame and up to an 11x11 board..FLA sources included. Here are some key features of "N-sized Puzzle":· Custom board size· Game stats/moves· Completion sound effects· Game clock Req

  • Zig Zag Saw Puzzle Game

    It will break the image, and will tell the user whenever he has arranged an image in the correct order. Requirements:· ActionScript 2· Flash Player 8 or higher Limitations:· Annoying sound which cannot be turned off from the Flash GUI.

  • Slot Machine

    The user can control the odds of the entire game, just by editing the odds field right on the application.The odds can be from 0% to 100%.Other options can be edited from the XMl config file.The game pays any lines and 4 corners. Requirements:·

  • A Quiz With Animal

    The default game will show animals in the left, and their habitat in the right side.For other customizations, modify the .FLA file. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 10 or higher Limitations:· Doesn't validate the answers.

  • Puzzle Game

    The player must use the arrow keys on his keyboard to navigate the red ball through the maze to the green block. Requirements:· ActionScript 2· Flash Player 8 or higher

  • Shuffle Puzzle 1.0

    It comes with a XML file, where new images can be configured to be used in the game.There are options to cut the image in different numbers of tile, and also, there is a timer andmoves counter. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9

  • Dragon

    It is similar to the renowned Quake game. Requirements:· ActionScript 3

  • As3cards

    It was used to write the Klondike Solitaire game.

  • Flash Poker

    This sample game demonstrates how to generate a deck of cards, shuffle them, deal to a player, and implement a set of rules (in this case poker). This game also features a betting system for single player draw poker. The script can be easily customiz

  • Flashmatch

    FLASHMatch is a matching game similar to Memory. You can input your own images and text, as well as configure display options via an XML document. The animations are simple and easy to customize, and the layout of the game grid will change based o nt

  • Simple Platform Game 1.0

    Simple Platform Game is a three-level lightweight platform game using only basic images. The application is compatible with all modern web browsers Flash enabled.It can also be easily customized to suit your needs. The scripts can be opened with Flas

  • Dice Roller Deluxe 1.0

    DICE ROLLER DELUXE is a drag-n-drop addition to any game application. The user will simply choose a background, choose how many dice to roll, and click! The dice perform a quick (and randomized) roll animation and when they stop the resulting total i

  • Puzzle Dog 1.0

    Puzzle Dog is a simple puzzle application made in Flash. You must drag and rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle. The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs. It provides compatibility with all modern web browsers.

  • Frog Puzzle 1.0

    Frog Puzzle challenges you to drag and rotate the pieces to solve a Flash puzzle.Well structured library items and actionscript code. A readme.txt file which describes how to create your own puzzle. After you get used to it you will need no more than

  • Cascade Breakout Game

    Breakout is the old arcade game in which you knock out bricks with a bat and a ball. This script represents an interesting challenge to play a Breakout-type game made in Flash. The script is very easy to install, use and customize

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