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  • Cftimeline 1.1

    The developer can pass the location to a specifically formatted XML file to plot the events.The user can drag and drop the timeline bar to view specific events at certain dates.

  • Colorpicker Using As3

    The component also has implemented a drawing feature. Requirements:· ActionScript 3· Flash Player 9 or higher

  • Dynamic Xml Contact Form (php-as2) 1.0

    The XML file allows for greater flexibility by removing the need to edit the .fla or .php files.InstallationUnpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Here are some key feat

  • Thescrollbar

    theScrollBar is a smooth and easy to use AS3 scrollbar class. Because every application needs a scrollbar, you can make vertical and horizontal scrollbars with this class. This scrollbar is mouse wheel enabled and can be customized to suit your

  • Flash Dateselector

    DateSelector allows you to quickly and easily add calendar date selection to your website or forms. It is a fully customizable date selection component. The component is easy to use. It drops right into your application. Features:• Quickly

  • Flash Colorpicker

    colorPicker is a Flash color picker with basic and advanced modes which include HEX, RGB, CMYK and HSV formats as well as a built-in eyedropper tool. Users can create and save their own color palettes for each instance of the colorPicker. Multiple co

  • Flash Color Picker Pro Components 3.0

    Flash Color Picker Pro is a collection of color pickers, a component that you can use to create almost any possible flash color picker, easy, advanced or very advanced. The Color Picker Pro is simply the best flash color picker component. You can eas

  • Flash Color Picker Pro 1.2.2

    The desired color's code can than be parsed to another app to use. Here are some key features of "Flash Color Picker Pro":· 16 milions of colors· Open/close button and colorBox· Show/hide button or colorBox· Support TextField and

  • Flash Color Picker

    Color Picker is a simple Flash color platelet. When a color is selected, it give a call to an external javascript function, passing the 6-digits RGB value of the selected color as parameter. You can code your own javascript function to handle the col

  • Kcolorpicker 1.0

    kColorPicker script is a RVB hexadeximal color picker. The script code is available for Flash 8 and Flash CS3. It could be easily integrated in your applications or forms.This Flash component provides compatibility with all modern web brows

  • Color Picker Flash

    The Color Picker component allows you to easily generate a flash like colorpicker. The component is compatible with actionscript 2 and is really easy to use. The only thing you wil have to do to use it is to drag and drop it from the component panel.

  • Sprigst Flash Scroller 1.0

    Sprigst Flash Scroller is free component to create text and image scrolling effects on web pages. Scrolling effects it's a good solution for saving space on your pages and attracts client's attention to most important information. Use it for scroll n

  • Inner Window

    Inner Window component can be added to your site to add content in an attractive manner. Window can be dragged around, minimized, maximized, or closed. Scrolling speed and "lag" can be changed very easily.

  • Free Flash Dynamic Text News Scroller

    This is a free Flash file that you can use in your site easily for scrolling news, scrolling content with images, html etc. Text, images and html are added externally in a .html file and it is automatically loaded in the Flash file with the scroll ba

  • Smiletext Component 1.0.1

    SmileText Component is an advanced smile textarea component for your Flash projects.Features:Two "views" are possible: ComboBox view and Button (also called "Palette") view, as shown here. This mirrors the two smile configuration options that are ava

  • Countrycombobox

    countryCOMBOBOX is a simple but powerful component. You can use it in thousand of web applications which need to select the country as input data. It included all 244 countries in the ISO 3166 code standard.The country name is available in 12 la

  • Touchscroller

    touchSCROLLER  is a simple but special component for scrolling. This component utilized a special "touch" interaction experiences. It is extremely easy to use; just drag n drop and no Action Script needed. Fully customizable plus motion blu

  • Fluid Contact Form 1.0

    The Fluid Contact Form provides extended control over any field within the contact form Movie Clip and adapts automatically for user text input. The graphics and source code provided with the purchase of this FLA file can be easily adjusted and exten

  • Flashtuning Scroll Bar 2.0

    The Flashtuning Scroll Bar component provides extended scrolling control over any content type within movie clip and adapts automatically for both static and dynamic types of content. The Scroll Bar can be configured to work in either free or snapped

  • Flash Actionscript Date Picker

    Flash Actionscript Date Picker is a flash date picker intended to be used in html forms to select a date and to fill an input box or an html element that supports innerHTML.

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